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RSGoldFast - I abutment Splashscape

Aug-24-2018 PST

From Reddit... If its a allotment of advised bold architecture that emphasizes bang-up mechanics.

I feel that a asymmetric bulk of mid to endgame administration affection ridiculously top aegis ratings just for the annual of ridiculously top aegis ratings. Top aegis in itself contributes about annihilation to mechanics and the counterplay options are bound to time-restricted auras or style-specific weapon switches that abate a monster's defense.

Worst of all, these examples of top aegis affect EVERY STYLE, acceptation that any abstruse behavior from demography advantage of bargain appearance affinities on debris mobs and lower collapsed administration is basically extraneous in endgame content. The only endgame bang-up that utilizes the affection arrangement AFAIK is Araxxor.

When Dungeoneering was aboriginal released, abounding players accepted the bang-up architecture and Jagex's use of appearance weaknesses. For a continued time, the extra was the a lot of accepted weapon in the pre-EOC canicule of Dungeoneering because of its adaptability across a array of adversary types.

Bosses/endgame agreeable today are now added mechanically circuitous than the now-simplistic Dungeoneering bang-up designs. However, it doesn't beggarly that weapon affinities couldn't be acclimated as a allotment of endgame bang-up mechanics.

I anticipate endgame monsters should embrace the affection system. Not alone it would accompany added absorption to assertive alone weapon types like bows, throwing weapons, or non-Halberd affray options, it could aswell advance to risk/reward gameplay mechanics. Brainstorm a bang-up that's anemic to melee, but its a lot of alarming specs are from continuing abutting to the bang-up (like Araxxor's cleave).

What if there's a bang-up that punishes players for accepting stationary, but its weakness is ranged, which banned the ranger's use of death's swiftness? Maybe there's a bang-up with a low abracadabra aegis but takes advantage a mage's low ambit defense with low-accuracy but top damaged ranged attacks (I can't anticipate of any automated weaknesses for abracadabra lmao).

I don't anticipate the accepted amateur proposed solutions of either abbreviation aegis beyond the lath or authoritative auras added readily accessible absolutely addresses the strengths and weaknesses of top bang-up defense. In a apple area every bang-up has reduced defense, there will be no abode for accurateness auras. Authoritative auras easier to access still doesn't abode that killing some endgame administration are arresting diplomacy if the auras are off cooldown.

I adulation the Berserker/Maniacal/Reckless auras on a conceptual basis. They acquaint added accident at greater reward. They will still accept a abode if bang-up defenses are bargain or if auras are easier to obtain. I don't accept it will be true for accurateness auras if the aboriginal amateur appropriate band-aid becomes added commonplace.

In a bold area top aegis is acclimated in affiliation with mechanics, accurateness auras abate accident rather than accretion reward. Accurateness auras aren't acclimated to accomplish a top aegis bang-up bearable of RuneScape gold, they're acclimated to abate the accident or abstain the affection arrangement of administration that takes advantage of its top aegis in affiliation with its automated design.

High accurateness allows you to "break" the arrangement afterwards it accepting a claim aback a bang-up can still be hit if you try to activity it on its terms.

Its time that Jagex reevaluates the purpose of slapping top aegis ratings on monsters. The weapon affection arrangement isn't bad, but its acclimated actual poorly, abnormally in endgame content. Top aegis should be acclimated to accent bang-up design, not to elongate annihilate times.

Accuracy auras should be added alternative as they are now, aperture up a player's options to activity a bang-up rather than accepting a near-mandatory claim to abstain arresting burst marks. Hopefully, these changes would aswell advance to end-game weapon assortment as activity styles/weapon advance styles accretion their alcove in a bigger directed apple of Splashscape.