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RSGoldFast - How to fix t92 armour

Aug-24-2018 PST

Current problems:

1. The abstracts yield too continued to obtain:

When ed2 is done in accumulation you get amid 0 and 5 draconic activity for every ed2 you complete. With an boilerplate per-drop bulk of let's say 3 energy. Now let's say a leash ed2 takes 20 annual to complete (this varies depending on the team). that agency that if application the boilerplate amount, you get a measily 9 draconic energy/hour. Compare this to the bulk of a abounding set (840 energy), it will yield you about 90 hours to get the agnate of a abounding t92 set (you need more runescape gold to make it). This takes way too long! And I've not even taken into annual the vorago basal of it.

When ed2 is done abandoned you (from what i can tell) consistently get at atomic 1 draconic energy, usually amid 4 and 12. Sometimes you get a advantageous bead of about 30 or 50 at a time. But these advantageous drops are too few and far between. Generally you get about 10 per kill, but all too generally it dips beneath 10. I accept heard the boilerplate of 10 activity per annihilate used, so lets go with that. Bold a abandoned ed2 takes about 40 annual (this varies ofcourse), that amounts to 15 activity per hour if we use the boilerplate drop. That agency it takes 56 hours to get the agnate of a abounding t92 set. This is alot bigger than in group, but still terrible.

So it takes too continued in abandoned and in group, which brings me to the next point.

2. The bulk to accomplish a t92 set is too high:

840 draconic activity is abundant too abrupt a bulk to pay for a abounding t92 set, and I'm not application the gp bulk in that sense, but the above time invested. (Also don't overlook that you aswell allegation 84 tectonic energy, which is accomplished as it is.)

3. t92 armour, as it currently stands, just isn't account it, the dps access over t90 armour is so basal it is not account the bother. Acceptance the actuality that the armour does not abase in ed2.


I will adress anniversary point one at a time, so amuse buck with me.

1. Access the alone bulk in both accumulation and abandoned encounters:

In accumulation encounters anniversary amateur should get at atomic 5 draconic activity for every kill, usually amid 5 and 10 per kill, with the absolute ambit of accessible amounts accepting amid 5 and 20. With the boilerplate per-kill bulk accepting 5 draconic energy. Per hour, afresh bold 20 annual per attic that's about 15 activity per hour.

In Abandoned encounters the amateur should get at atomic 10 draconic activity for every kill, usually amid 10 and 25. With an boilerplate per-kill bulk of about 14 energy. Application the 40 annual abandoned archetype again, this amounts to about 21 activity per hour.

2. Abate the bulk to accomplish a t92 set:

The bulk to accomplish a t92 set should be 25% or 1/3rd of what it is now. Let's go with 25% in this example. 840/4 = 210 draconic energy. Now with this in apperception lets accept a attending at accumulation and solo, how continued it takes to get the bulk for a abounding set:

In group: with an boilerplate activity per hour of 15, a abounding set will yield 14 hours.

In solo: with an boilerplate activity per hour of 21, a abounding set will yield 10 hours.

As you can see, abandoned is still added advantageous than group. Now to adress the third and final point.

3. Add added allowances to the t92 set:

I've had 2 furnishings in mind, one or both of these can be used:

Effect#1: anniversary section grants a 1% accurateness bonus, if 3 pieces are used, you get an added 0.5% accurateness (someone abroad came up with this, can't accretion the name sorry)

Effect#2: the mask, top, and basal anniversary accord an lp bonus, according to bisected of that provided by the corresponding virtus pieces. So 55 lp from the t92 mask, 110 lp from the top and 80 lp from the legs. And an added 50 lp if application the abounding set. This totals up to 295 lp.

In my assessment both of these furnishings should be implemented to accomplish it account your while to accomplish or buy t92.