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RSGoldFast - How in the heck would anyone

Feb-03-2018 PST

I like to do quests afterwards application any guides and alone application admonition accustomed in-game. At the alpha of this adventure you access a Bloody mourner top of RS gold.

In adjustment to apple-pie the stain, you accept to acquisition Tegid's soap and a brazier of baptize to apple-pie it.

The botheration is, HOW in the heck would anyone apperceive to do this? The adventure account provides no admonition breadth one could acquisition the soap.

None of the npc's acquaint you annihilation accordant either. I just spent 4 hours aggravating several agency to apple-pie it, affairs all sorts of debris from G.E and food like the the charwoman cloth, or application it on assorted altar about the world.

Never would I accept anticipation to go to Taverly to acquisition a guy called Tegid abrasion his clothes there. The alone abutting "hint" I got was application a brazier of baptize on the shirt which declared "Just wetting the top wont abolish the bloodstains."

I hardly anytime absorb any time in Taverly and never even noticed Tegid's existence. The alone way I can ahead humans would apperceive what to do (without wiki or guides) is if they did Eadgar's Ruse, which aswell involves Tegid.

There's in fact A LOT of quests like this that accord such ambiguous or extraneous information, I just anticipation it was actually frustrating. I'm apparently the alone one who plays like this so it's not a big deal.

It's the acumen anybody uses guides for quests from time immemorial. Acceptable RS quests are abounding with non agreement accepting like this.

Granted, the bold was a lot abate aback if these quests were made, so it's not actually as batty to brainstorm accession this out. But still appealing out there.

I hadn't advised the bold was a lot smaller. Regardless, I'm award this adventure in fact bottomless in all aspects. I concluded up application a adviser for the draft of it. Can't delay until I can get this over with and alpha on Plague's End.

Personally from accomplishing timberline runs, one timberline application is in taverly about abutting to Tegid, so I bethink cerebration "oh hey, he's 'washing' accepting in the river, maybe I should allocution to him?"

Those are absolutely quests I acclaim application a adviser for, but I begin them agreeable still by accepting absorbed into the adventure and annual the chat :o Accept fun with allotment 2~. offer the best cheap and safe old school rs gold & runescape 3 gold, Like Our Facebook get 5% extra bonus at once!