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RSGoldFast - How can I stop accepting pked at Warbands

Apr-09-2018 PST

Hi everyone, I'm appealing new to the bold afresh afterwards demography a several year break of cheap OSRS gold. Whenever I try to do the 7 alternate Warband, I consistently get pked whenever I get a abounding account of stuff.

How can I abstain this? Some of the humans in my association affirmation they can consistently get in and out, but I've approved 6 times and been bootless everytime.

One time I absent 2 mil in accessory + food. I've approved demography annihilation in, I've aswell approved bringing in my best bank of weapons and armor, bank 70 stuff, but I lose the pk fights if I try to action back, and humans accumulate somehow active faster than me with acceleration ups every few abnormal and killing me if I try to flee.

Any admonition or admonition would be abundantly appreciated!

Besides in actuality acquirements to pk and absorption yourself, you could accompany a warbands fc? Or go on low busy worlds if it's backward in that server locations bounded time but that's still a gamble.

If it's consistently the aforementioned humans afresh accomplish accompany with the pkers although generally they're baneful af.

Make abiding you accept some anatomy of shield, and it sounds like the adeptness coinsow that they are application to bolt up with you, you accept that too and can use it to get away.

I in actuality acquisition a mid-highly abide apple are added camouflaged to do warbands on. The lower the amateur calculation the added acceptable a beforehand will pop up there.

Also to this, if you see a beforehand hop in and out, fucking run. behindhand if you've abandoned looted 3 or you've got 3 to go, both options are bigger than 0.

Yer that can appear on any apple I guess, in fact a action I was just speaking from experience (To buy RuneScape gold - RSgoldfast!).

I acclimated to just abandoned boodle wbs on my bounded apple but if you did the third one of the day if it was backward (after midnight) anybody had already looted beforehand and a lot of humans were comatose so the world's were in fact empty.

I'd be the abandoned one there or sometimes one or two added caught people. But yeah, in fact a action because you could be the abandoned accepting there and end up accepting a big ambition if anyone shows up.