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RSGoldFast - How anachronous a lot of of the bold is

Jul-30-2018 PST

There's a absolute bright botheration with how anachronous a lot of the bold is and how inconsistent aggregate is. I can't allege for everyone, but candidly I don't anticipate abounding of us would apperception dabbling some new agreeable if it meant authoritative the bold added constant as a whole.

I accept to admit, I abandoned like how cosmetics on Abundance Hunter plan and I in actuality admired the RunePass cosmetics (I didn't buy RunePass, not even with bonds, hell I even agilely took that anniversary off from the game), and I anticipate that humans who plan on those cosmetics could possibly admonition renew anachronous assets in the game.

There's a lot of the apple that's outdated, abnormally in quests, and there's aswell no absolute acumen to go alfresco abundant of the F2P breadth anyway. Conceivably those alive on MTX cosmetics could plan with added developers in abode to try and accomplish affidavit to go to added areas again.

For example, Yanille has the Mage Guild, but cipher anytime goes to Yanille anymore unless they're accomplishing Adoration Runs in POH, so maybe acclimate and graphically rework Yanille to be added of a apartment town. Just like in absolute activity towns accept to acclimate to the avant-garde era, lest be dwindled down to annihilation (I Live in rural California appropriate next to an old highway, abounding baby towns are like this now), so can in-game towns! It gives a acumen to rework the boondocks AND graphically amend it.

Expand Yanille into a bigger boondocks that now focuses on aggravating to accumulate players advancing aback by buffing adoration somehow. Maybe accept shops that advertise basal appropriate next to the POH portal, change the Mage Brotherhood into a new Monastery or maybe accomplish the Brotherhood focus on axis things into Basal instead of Basal into Bananas or Peaches.

Another one is Ardougne, it acclimated to be a hub for crooked with all the stalls, so maybe accomplish a baby GE alpha in Ardougne (as it's affectionate of a bazaar town) but aswell accomplish it added crooked friendly. Add some gangs that do stuff, maybe Atramentous Arm and Phoenix Gang accept broadcast their adeptness and still action for territory? Hell, that can accomplish a new adventure too, a new Absorber of Arrav-like adventure but in Ardougne?

Regardless how things change, the bold needs to be adapted graphically, it's air-conditioned fast and simple to advance in the bold from accepting a new player, it's air-conditioned fast and simple just to analyze or try to get all the lodestones unlocked, new players may see how air-conditioned Lumbridge, Al Kharid, Varrock, Draynor, etc etc look, but afresh they go to Karamja (which is partially F2P until you get to Brimhaven, but that too is outdated), Ardougne, Yanille, that Ogress place, Seers, Rellekka, etc etc and see an acutely anachronous game. They will aswell go there once, and conceivably never again, there's no acumen to acknowledgment afterwards in abounding cases.

Maybe some quests, maybe some accomplishment diaries, but afterwards that? I accept players ambition adeptness and ambition things as abutting calm as to not adulteration time, but if that's the case why aggrandize the game? Why abide to accept things cipher will go to?

One simple fix that I've noticed from amphitheatre OSRS added now is by artlessly abacus boondocks activity courses there's a new acumen to go back. If it's not to get to 99 activity it's to get the Graceful outfit. As declared beforehand towns acclimated to accept themes, accompany those back, aggrandize aloft that, if it agency fundamentally alteration the boondocks because times accept afflicted its aboriginal absorbed afresh change it to what it is now and strengthen that acumen to abide traveling there.

As declared with Yanille accepting mostly a Adoration hub now, maybe move the coffer afterpiece to the aperture as well. If it should still aperture Magic accompanying afresh maybe accord it two purposes, bisected the city-limits is Magic the added is Prayer? Hell, maybe even add accessory areas for anniversary agreeable so anniversary year it can be confused around of RuneScape gold; maybe Falador takes up Christmas one year and there's knight-themed rewards, afresh the next is Varrock and you can get an Arrav plushie or something. Be creative, be what Jagex already was, accept fun with the bold instead of prodding it over and over.