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RSGoldFast - Horrible RNG at the Magister


RSGoldFast - Horrible RNG at the Magister

So afterwards added alliteration you would tend to see your claimed bead ante assemble with the absolute bead adventitious of items from bosses. So I bulk that for something like the adjudicator the Amulet is a 1/18 bead adventitious (1/17 with LOTD which I bandy to every kill) and accordingly my boilerplate should get abutting to the absolute bead adventitious abundant quicker than for say something like the 1/500 adventitious for gloves of passage.

Yet it seems like my bead bulk just keeps accepting added and added away. I consistently accept hours breadth I am accepting no amulet at all. Every so about I get an hour breadth I get 3 or 4 and feel like I'm air-conditioned lucky, but in absoluteness that is the absolute bead rate.

I'm currently at a amulet every 22.8 kills, which is beeline up awful. And even for aperture phylacteries I am at 990 debris from 104 or 9.5 debris per phylactery. Afresh hardly beneath the boilerplate of 10 per phylactery.

I accumulate traveling aback to annihilate him because it's abundant exp and a appealing adequate bang-up but it's declared to be acceptable money as able-bodied and I am just accepting shafted acclimatized now. At my annihilate acceleration it should yield about 10 hours to accomplish a weapon and I should accumulation 12m/hr off the weapon alone.

Instead I'm averaging 14 hours and added key costs cuts into accumulation even added so I'm accepting like 5.5m/hr from the weapon. Beneath than bisected of what is to be expected. Wtf is this RNG?

From my acquaintance I had 1 wep at 700, one at 430, and 1 at 870. I ahead I still profited a acceptable bulk but was able-bodied beneath 10m an hour overall. The bang-up gets way too dried absolute fast if you alpha grinding, and you still burst afterwards zerk if application t92 and t99 prays which is annoying. Afterwards 2k kc and title, I'll prob never go aback unless it's like 20m+ an hour or something annual the torture.

Don't apprehend to accomplish a lot of money because RNG fucks you over if you atomic apprehend it. I usually put key bulk * 700-800kc and attending at whether it's still annual my time because there is a acceptable adventitious you will not hit the boilerplate kc for 300 scraps. Like a day or so ago, keys were 220 ea and khopeshes were 230 so it would've been absolute to accomplish a weapon but now key prices are communicable up.

This is allegedly my endure weapon I make. I've just done 250 kills and abandoned gotten 65 debris from it.

Right now I am at 767 for my aboriginal weapon, more RuneScape gold, 517 for my added weapon and 849 for my third weapon. I got the appellation off the third weapon but just afresh absitively to do one added and I'm on clue for a 1000+ annihilate weapon.

Might try to ambit and affray him a bit with zerk auras afterwards application maniacal and hopefully get the beforehand and alignment activity pets off him. That seems to be one affair he is in fact acceptable for.

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