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RSGoldFast - Honestly how did we get here

Sep-12-2018 PST

I dont accept how did we got to this point, area did it all alpha to crumble. Rs3 citizenry continues to abate every day, osrs keeps growing (yes a fucking 11 year beforehand wersion is accomplishing fucking bigger than the Live one) devs are dwindling.

Content with rewards that makes no faculty get arise (ED1-2 aristocratic armours accept no acumen to be even crafted).

Menaphos looks like a bisected ass atempt at elf city-limits from a adolescent who spent 10 annual while searching at his fb messages.

Aod and telos has become the abandoned 2 administration in the bold that any1 has any absorption larboard to do, one pushes you to your banned and keeps you on your toes as you beforehand through dificulty while the added can be done by a monkey who has been injected with LSD (huge inbalance of gp/h that deters any agreeable accepting approved out couse it dosent accommodate annihilation abreast the gp thats accepting provided by telos or aod).


Duel amphitheatre is a abode area teenagers and colege acceptance absorb bisected or added of their salaries for rsgp abandoned to be staked away, yet it continues to break ingame for affidavit even god dosent know.

Just 2 years ago i woud adore every moment i was on rs like acquirements rots/rax/rago authoritative teams was no affair at all, cat-and-mouse for new agreeable that got showcased on exhausted got me in actuality hyped, now new agreeable just looks adequate but gives no complete acumen to do it if your not comped.

Why is the akin progresion so akward we went from t80-t90 to t90-92 and some accidental t85 gear?

Speaking of weapons... attending at zgs it has a abrogating and a complete you cede scythe ambit for its adequate appropriate and aditional accuricy and damage.

Now attending at sgb slisk agents praesuls and added bifold apply t92*s they do not feel like i just dead a boxy bang-up with altered mechanics, their specials accept like alcove uses that can be acclimated if you feel apathetic of your approved adeptness rotation, it dosent feel like i use the best in aperture weapon appropriate attack, normaly it woud not be bad if the appropriate beforehand coud abandoned be acclimated at assertive areas but god corruption afresh achieve them in actuality good, seems like you gave a bit of anticipation about zg's appropriate and afresh said fuck it bang on accidental things on the others.

Your bearing agreeable that is bisected accomplished or with little accomplishment put in to it, which is authoritative me and added players affronted and its assuming in your bleeding amateur count.