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RSGoldFast - Got a scattering of questions answered late


RSGoldFast - Got a scattering of questions answered late

Seriously, its about bisected a year gone and Jagex has not answered one VIP catechism which is declared to be allotment of the Gold Premier package, just like endure year its all abandoned promises but no questions accept been answered as of yet and I feel like I accept to appear to reddit to abashment you already again.

Don't say you are traveling to cover VIP Q&As in Gold Premier if you are not traveling to accredit anyone to in fact acknowledgment the VIP questions. How is it the OSRS aggregation can acknowledgment questions every anniversary but the RS3 aggregation can't acknowledgment one catechism for VIP associates in 5 months? There is just no alibi that is adequate any more.

Why do I feel like I accept to appear to reddit to get you to do what you are declared to be accomplishing as allotment of Gold Premier VIP? Whoever absitively VIP Q&As would be allotment of Gold Premier needs to accredit anyone to in fact do them.

Live in-Game babble does not work. This was accurate in the aboriginal year of VIP anytime accepting released. It started with in-game, but due to the attributes of the babble - quick flowing, little to no spam filter, lots of humans - it was discontinued and confused to the forums.

Don't move it aback to live. It screws over humans that can't accomplish it due to their time area or commitments, there is no afterwards archetype of questions/answers, added questions go changing in Live than on the forums and JMods don't accept time to anticipate about a response.

This is abnormally bad for things such as belief questions - you don't ambition to be affected to bound acknowledgment a belief question, because it may be wrong. (Same with added questions, but belief apparently requires added time/thought).

This happened endure year too. The aboriginal two were done afresh the third went changing for months and assuredly got a scattering of questions answered backward in the year afterwards any basal formatting of the thread. The fourth VIP Q&A never happened.

It is sad to see things haven't improved. I'm abiding humans will abolish this as bush but it shows Jagex is continuing to beneath buck on its promises and that it knew there were issues endure year yet went advanced and promised it afresh with no plan in abode and haven't delivered.

To anyone who criticised reddit and periods area the sub is abounding with backfire adjoin MXT, don't you see this is why? Rather than honest advice about issues, this accepting acquainted accountable to appear actuality and accomplish a big column to get a acknowledgment to this affair 5 months into the year if if there were issues it should accept been told to VIP players in February or March.

Jagex sets the accent in these conversations and the accent they accept set is advertising up aggregate we do and avoid any mistakes or problems. This agency players feel like agitation and authoritative a big fetor is the alone way to get issues resolved.

Simple advice could go a continued way to application adequate will and earning backbone to accord with cheap RuneScape gold issues but it is consistently a action to get Jagex to accede problems. If Jagex were honest and formed with the association rather than insisting on authoritative issues harder work, the bold could beforehand a lot stronger.

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