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RSGoldFast - Gorajo Summoning Action On RS

Jul-20-2018 PST

RSgoldfast news - This is an action breadth the amateur is finer "summoned" (in Spirit form) to the Gorajo even to advice with something.

Starting Point - A adeptness alcove on the Daemonheim Peninsula. Inside, players will acquisition a Summoning Brace with 1 Ramokee Skinweaver and 1 Gorajo Skinweaver.

Story - the 2 Gorajo were already accompanying sisters (true claret sisters) until anniversary took their corresponding paths. However, on a bound island on the Gorajo plane, they apparent a altered bribery that no Gorajo had encountered before, OSRS gold and no accustomed adjustment could be activate to adverse it.

However... they did apprehension that summoned creatures (walking airy energy) could collaborate with it safely, and even advice to avoid if off.

The 2 Gorajo ask for the advice of adventurers to appear and aid them and be summoned assimilate their home plane, just as they aid adventurers in Dungeoneering.

The Skinweavers will watch over your concrete physique while you are spiritually on the Gorajo plane.


Players can accept whether to aid the Ramokee or the Gorajo. The best does not affect the end goal, but it does affect your gameplay (ie: Ramokee are loners and appropriately may accept to do aggregate themselves, admitting they may be stronger in a assertive attribute. Gorajo focus on a individual role, such as healer or skiller or a assertive action style, appropriately while acceptable in a individual aspect, they cannot accomplish added actions)

Players will acquisition themselves on an island, a ample anatomy or accustomed affection (tree, mountain) will act as a pseudo-summoning brace acceptance the amateur to break there. About them will be some array of corruption.

Depending on your best of approach, you will allegation to try to action back, contain, or aggregate some of the bribery aural a assertive time frame.


- Stormbringers would action affray based walking bribery as their primary agency of accepting progress, admitting they can "attack" added bribery (ie: plants, animals, rocks).

- Skinweavers would try to use Herblore (and agnate skills) to alleviate besmirched plants and animals, but could aswell attack to affect action based corruption.

- Worldbearers would artlessly aces up abundant pieces of bribery and baker them.

- Hoardstalkers would advance added artisan and acquisition abilities to cunningly abolish and action corruption.

Players for the Gorajo would be able to do their assignment far added efficiently, but they would be bound to a assertive approach.

Players for the Ramokee could do a little bit of aggregate if they so chose, but their action bulk would be slower at their committed role (ie: Gorajo Worldbearer > Ramokee Worldbearer) but the Ramokee could aswell do added accomplishments in the accident of assertive kinds of bribery not accepting available.


Players will primarily be adored with Summoning XP depending on their achievement in absolute the corruption.

In addition, players can acquire some XP in abilities depending on what methods they did/used.