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RSGoldFast - Futureproofing Action In Runescape


RSGoldFast - Futureproofing Action In Runescape

Combat in RuneScape is at best a accumulation of DPS off-tanking if bare and at affliction a asinine dps test with RuneScape gold. With a abridgement of audible roles in PvE agreeable RuneScape will eventually hit a brick bank in agreement of what can be done agnate to what happened pre-EOC.

One band-aid could be what seems to be accident with the "Unannounced MMO" which is said to be RuneScape but afterwards the ancient tic arrangement and filigree based movement, acceptance for added accomplishment expression. While this is a abundant idea, it means annihilation if it will abandoned be a stand-alone bold set in the aforementioned cosmos (like OSRS).

As such I adduce some additions to RS3 that will extend the aisle we can yield in combat, while acclamation some accepted issues with action content.

Addition #1

Elite Accomplishment Druidry: 80 Abracadabra 80 Herb 80 Prayer

In RuneScape belief Druids acquire wielded adeptness the amateur can abandoned dream of, accepting accomplished healers and abutment types something the amateur currently cannot do.

This accomplishment would be its own action appearance with abilities, gear, "Spells", and "Prayers" all its own. It would be a accomplishment in fact focused about healing and buffing added players while debuffing the enemy. Spells would crave Herbs and Runes to cast, while Herbs cannot assemblage in their accepted accompaniment the amateur would charge admission to something like Asleif Hamalsdotter's Herb Accessory an annual that would plan analogously to the accepted Rune Pouches.

Details and acclimation would charge to be done by Jagex so I will not even bandy out my own Annual on that here.

Addition #2

In adjustment for accession #1 to plan we charge to do something about how we currently heal. Added MMOS antithesis this by abacus cooldowns to healing potions or by authoritative them out of action abandoned items. This just artlessly wont plan for RuneScape which has 2 complete abilities in fact centered about authoritative healing items Fishing and Cooking.

My proposed band-aid to this is simple, accord allurement to those demography a DPS role to ample their annual with non-healing items and not yield a BOB.

This includes things like Dominion Mines, Drednips, Flanking Switch, Planted-Feet Switch, Bladed Dive Switch, Ring of Vigour, and a few others.

While that annual may assume a lot in all absoluteness it is a actual baby aggregate accurate by the actuality that the amateur can still "Tank" because they still acquire 22+32 spots to add healing items which can add up to a complete of 421,200 Healing application the best healing per aperture non-stackable "food" the Cool Saradomin Brew Flask.

So how do we add added items to ample up an complete 28 slots? Well, the aboriginal affair we can do is artlessly addict some of the items that could be advantageous if they didn't suck. Drednips for one could use a baby admission to DPS currently they endure for 45 seconds, advancing 18 times aural that time. This would be all accomplished and capital until you apprehend they acquire 3 attacks, of which abandoned 1 is consistently accessible on PvE content.

I adduce a continuance admission to 72 abnormal acceptance for 30 attacks instead of 18 and a accounting affiance of a abatement of adulteration amnesty on approaching bang-up content. This change abandoned would agreement their admittance in any DPS' annual if it came time to action the big bad.

Along Ancillary this I adduce a change to the Blightbound Crossbows, their armament Bane Bolts, and Cinderbane Gloves.

Currently they accord no altered component/s, something accepted with t92s that even t90s didn't face. Why is that? Is Jagex abashed that their prices will breach high, and appropriately be unachievable to newer players? Regardless of the acumen afterwards a decidedly altered use items will consistently abatement in bulk until they abatement in band with the bulk of the items bigger than them and the items worse than them. That accepting said bulk isn't a big affair appropriately why I included even the ammunition in this change.

This change would add Austere Apparatus into the game, altered basic that would be affirmed on disassembly.

1 x 50 Bane Bolts

25 x 1 Cinderbane

250 x 1 Blightbound Crossbow (OH or MH)

These apparatus would be acclimated to accomplish 3 things:

1, Volatile Rootling agnate to drednips yet abstracted and accessible alongside. These rootlings if acclimated spawn a Austere Lasherling which will breach about for abandoned 10 abnormal advancing already every 2.4 seconds. They will accord bane accident and add a assemblage of bane to the ambition per attack.

2, Austere perk, this is a advantage that furnishings your bleeds. Every time your drain hits it adds a assemblage of blight, your bleeds now accord austere accident instead of your accepted style.

3, Liquid Blight, fabricated with Weapon Adulteration ++ (3) this is an advancement to weapon adulteration if acclimated correctly. Anniversary assemblage of bane on the ambition increases the accident dealt by Liquid bane by 10. While the accident of this will be acutely lower aboriginal on in a action or in abandoned encounters the accident bound racks up in accumulation encounters.

Addition #3

Our accepted accustomed options for PvE agreeable are as follows; Yak for your every day BoB needs, Mammoth for if you in fact charge just a little more, Steel Titan for your individual ambition damaging needs, Demon Trio for your AoE damaging needs, Nihil Trio (screw the 4th) for if you charge just a little bit added accuracy, Bunyip for your heals over time, and Unicorn for your admission healing needs.

While this array may assume all-inclusive abundant you will about see an complete aggregation with annihilation but Yaks or Mammoths. Why is that? Able-bodied its because afterwards a committed healer players charge to backpack amaranthine of aliment to beforehand their bloom unless they all accompany bouncer and use defensives etc in an off-tank play style. So continued as we do not incentivize demography added familiars over BoBs we will see an amaranthine sea of BoBs for the accountable future.

With that accepting said I would like to acquaint an idea, 4 new familiars. But not just any familiars, these familiars would crave you to ad-lib and afresh build, a new affectionate of obelisk.

Crystal Obelisk: 80 Summoning 80 Construction 80 Invention (without defective to add 120 summoning we can still accomplish abundant stronger pouches)

This brace would eventually alter the one in Amlodd and would action some allowances added than admission to the new pouches.

- Flat 5% adventitious to save charms

- 10% beneath atom cost

This allows us to action this brace to those w/o 99 summoning while befitting the new pouches to akin 99.

Crystal Guardian: Requires a bright armour seed, 100 harmonic dust and a pouch. This accustomed would be your go to tanking buddy, with a accident agreeable acquiescent (takes 20% of all accident dealt to you) and a disruption absorber blazon of scroll, this tanky associate is annual befitting around.

Elite Bright Guardian: Requires an attuned bright armour seed, 1000 harmonic dust and a Bright Guardian Pouch. This accustomed works analogously to a scrimshaw in that it can be de-summoned and re-summoned as bare until the timer runs out. 4hr timer. 30% accident breach and a barricade blazon scroll.

Crystal Shapeshifter: 1x bright weapon berry 100x harmonic dust. This accustomed changes to your action appearance advancing in it with a max hit of 1200 at the aforementioned beforehand acceleration of a nihil. Annal is an affection debuff of +3.

Elite Bright Shapeshifter: 1x attuned bright weapon berry 1000x harmonic dust. This accustomed changes to your action appearance advancing in it with a max hit of 1500 at the aforementioned beforehand acceleration of a nihil. Annal is an affection debuff of +5. 4hrs scrimshaw like timer.

Just some thoughts I had endure night, let me apperceive what you think.

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