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RSGoldFast - For a while afterwards defective to bank

Jun-01-2018 PST

What should I aboriginal save arise to be able to do abandoned GWD2 for a while afterwards defective to bank? I plan on traveling for Vindicta and Gorvek primarily but wish to be able to do the blow of them as able-bodied besides Telos. I'm 137 action akin with aloft akin 90 in every action accomplishment and 27 invention.

Right now I accept abounding GW1 Bandos accessory and an Amulet of Souls/Superior Kyzaj and the Twin Fury blades. I apperceive I'm not accomplishing abundant aback I can't even administer to abandoned the Twin Furies afterwards defective to coffer afterwards 3-5 kills.

I've apprehend that it's a acceptable abstraction to get a Dragon Accession Spear but I've got abundant for bound drygores appropriate now as well. Not abiding what I should absorb my money on. Thanks for any advice!

Prayer - 94

Summoning - 96

Herblore - 87

Attack - 95

Strength - 90

Ranging - 99

Magic - 99

Defense - 99

Constitution - 99

Also been appliance god wars t75 amalgam armor for a lot of things that aren't anemic to melee. accept an aristocratic c'bow, agents of light, polypore staff, and abounding subjugation/ganodermic.

And I'd focus on herblore to be able to accomplish overloads. (This is boostable) Depending on how abundant gp/hr you can accomplish currently, you can do air-conditioned potions on a able-bodied with all boosts for slight profit. Overloads are air-conditioned for bossing.

As for gear, it depends the bang-up you wish to do. Twin furies will be far bigger with dragon accession carve (drl) than drygores. However, twins are not abundant money.

I'd acclaim vindicta or helwyr, which can both plan with drygores a bit bigger than drl, and are added money than twins.

Drl has a ton of breadth of aftereffect abilities that adeptness 2 squares abroad (4 complete aoes, hitting 25 squares total). Twins can be aoe'd. Vindicta can't, but the added ambit can be accessible in case she accidentally walks a bit it will not end a channeled ability.

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