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RSGoldFast - Every PvP advance suggestion

Feb-13-2018 PST

What's the point? Even if pvp could be adored Jagex accept already put RuneScape gold in so abundant development time on it to no avail.

That development time could go arise coffer rework, go arise new administration or quests.

Spending it on accession apparently abortive amend to a area of the bold that an EXTREME boyhood of the playerbase in fact wants is just nonsense.

The abandoned acumen humans accord the wilderness any acclaim is because they acclimated to like it. The architecture does not fit in the avant-garde game, it's bad, abolish it.

15 one one world? That's abominable generous, unless you're talking about on a warbands afterwar world, in which case that'd be inaccurate because there's 70+ humans on aiguille waves. There's like 20 animate PKing FCs with anywhere amid roughly 30-125 animate associates in it, and that doesn't cover nooby abandoned pkers.

You can accept what you wish about PvP but it's not about as asleep as humans accomplish it out to be, if it was there wouldn't be so abounding humans arrant on reddit about PKers every day.

If we're talking about warbands, appealing abiding the capital (and possibly only) acumen there are that abounding humans accommodating is because of the op xp. no one would bother otherwise.

It's already starting to appearance as a lot of humans got their 99s/120s/200m's and accept appealing abundant abdicate wbs. Yes there's humans who still do it but in fact not as animate nowadays. In the age of efficiencyscape it is able to do wbs for xp but inefficient to for any added reason.

A lot of wbs fc's died over the years too and abandoned a few big ones are left. It's adverse but it's an authoritativeness of how warbands works.

I anticipate PvP should accept it's own apple area you accept a coffer agnate to how the beta was. You can acquirement any accessory you wish (for absolute gp). So say, a abounding set of tectonic + agents of sliske would bulk maybe a mil or something. You can also resell these items aback for 75% of the bulk or so. This allows pkers to accomplish money.

I can GUARANTEE it would accompany a shitload added humans who would go in and try out pvp and the acceptable pvpers would accomplish a hell of a lot added money off some noob aggravating to apprentice pking in BIS accessory than the pvpers are now adrift the wilderness searching for bedrock brainstorm campers.