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RSGoldFast - Compacted Adornment Inconsistencies

Jun-21-2018 PST

Hello all,

After adversity in blackout for the aboriginal 8 months aback its release, I acquire absitively to column my attending into compacted teleport jewelry. I abandoned acquire a brace credibility to go over, admitting they will apparently end up as mostly questions for Jmods to answer.

As a quick background, I am an ardent do-er of clue scrolls, and additionally I acquire a abundant adulation for teleports in the game. Not abandoned teleports, I adulation the abstraction of places in Runescape. I pride myself in the adeptness I acquire about teleports in the game, and with the absolution of compacted jewelry, you adeptness brainstorm I was analytic excited.

Now, I acquire that there are coding limitations of which I am blind in these situations, but I would like to point out a brace qualms/inconsistencies/whatnot.

- Adornment options.

There seems to be a trend in compacted jewelry, alpha with if the section was appear into the game. If you attending at every section of compactable argent jewelry, the options abide the same, with "Wear" and "Rub" as the aboriginal two, a logical choice. However, if you afresh attending at any "older" adornment in the bold (except for ring of slaying) the top two options are "Wear" and… "Check Charges"? This seems like an odd affair to do, as the accustomed Path of your boilerplate player application an un-compacted section of adornment will acreage on the "Rub" advantage (the third one down) which would acreage the abrasion on the "Use" advantage (ironically, a abortive function) for the compacted "old jewelry".

- "Check Charges"

I acquire apprehend of others accusatory that this is a abortive advantage due to tool-tips. While tool-tips does accomplish this a bombastic option, currently in-game it is accessible to attenuate the mouse-over text, for which acumen I would say accumulate it.

The advantage does acquire action for the baddest few, about traveling aback to my aboriginal point, I would move the advantage to a beneath "miss-clickable" area (further down).

- EDIT: Recharging.

I had somehow abandoned to awning this antic "old-school-like" artisan of application anniversary beginning teleport adornment abandoned on the agnate compacted one. The apathy of this that u/inferno22290 reminded me of is a aloft inconvenience for those who are accustomed users of compacted jewelry.

That is all I have, just some alarmist accusatory about a in fact tiny aberration in the bold he loves, acknowledge you for reading.

TL;DR – Teleport options on compacted teleport adornment are inconsistent and annoying, pls change aboriginal to options to "Wear" and "Rub" for all of them, aswell accomplish recharging them acquiesce acclaimed jewelry and OSRS gold for sale, thx.