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RSGoldFast - Charge advice with Sliske's Endgame

Apr-02-2018 PST

Can anyone acclaim a set up or how to exhausted the final two battles of the quest. I'm on the additional appearance area you acquire to action the 3 bosses, afore extensive Sliske.

My Stats: 90 Attack, 99 Strength, 92 Defense, 83 Herblore, 93 Prayer, 90 Range, 88 Magic, 78 Summoning

I acquire abounding Bandos, Armadyl and Subjugation With a Sara GS, Abby baton and orb, and Zaryte Bow, Twin Furies blades, ASR, and Illuminated God book.

I acquire basal abilities, I dont acquire abject attempt or annihilation like that. I just feel like I'm not ambidextrous accident quick abundant to abide my aliment supply.

I'm just apprehensive if anyone has any recommendations, or set ups to advice me get through this part.

I anticipate I'd be able to exhausted Sliske afterwards this. This and Pieces of Abhorrence are the abide two I charge for my Adventure Cape so any advice is abundantly appreciated.

Lure itinerant and gregorovoc faaaar far abroad from linza and celerity them both at your leisure, they do bags of accident so its acute to get rid of them first.

Kill linza abide aback she's cool thicc and it will yield a connected time.

But aswell Sliske is no joke. I struggled added with him than the aboriginal appearance action with Greg, Nomad, and Linza.

I had apparently abutting to the aforementioned stats as you if I did it. Just don't accord up and accumulate trying. If you acquire blame and overloads that will advice immensely.

Edit: ahh looked at your stats afresh and no overloads.

Maybe buy some cool warmaster pots as they will advice and try application body breach but you'll absolutely ambition to use avert blame as well.

Enhanced Excalibur would be benign as able-bodied if you acquire that cheap RuneScape gold.