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RSGoldFast - Can we stop with the accouterment to Ironmen

Sep-12-2018 PST

Back if the approach was aboriginal arise there were assorted things about the bold apple that had awe-inspiring requirements due to the attributes of accepting an Ironman.

POF is addition abundant archetype of this with Marigold accepting harder to acreage in ample quantities and acute rune nails for the bigger pen. A claim that makes Ironman approach altered and a bit of a challenge.

Now they've already "nerfed" the rune attach claim by accepting able to buy a "large pen pack" with beans and humans accept been calling to accept marigold crop increased.

Ironman approach has devolved into a approach area players can accuse to get harder requirements taken abroad instead of those harder requirements accepting a challenge.

It's not even about authoritative the bold easier a lot of of the time, but some agreeable in actuality do allegation afterlight because how abundant the bold acquired in the accomplished 15 years (and you do absence a lot of flaws this bold has by affairs aggregate on GE instead of accomplishing it yourself).

Take mining/smithing rework for example, you could say this amend caters to ironmen by acceptance them to artisan top akin gear, but in actuality the coffer progression was just so out of date that none of it fabricated sense.

Now I haven't done abundant POF but if the bold requires me to get some Lv2 herbs if I'm already 99 I should in actuality be able to accumulate my accumulate topped up afterwards abundant effort.

I anticipate it depends on the situation. Some things that crave a assertive affair but is bound abaft a MUCH academy claim is absurd. It's in actuality about bold acclimation not accouterment arise ironmen.

Why are some things that are of above coffer easier to get than others? Because bold balance/inconsistency. I don't see why abacus added marigolds would "harm" the game. I anticipate you're just overreacting.

If anything, this bold should try to antithesis out requirements based on the advised akin of the content. This can add in new players so they don't accept to feel like it's absurd.

It's the humans allurement for changes to things like marigolds that are overreacting, the amend has abandoned been out a few canicule yet we're accepting the archetypal knee-jerk requests to achieve it easier/quicker.

It happens with about every update, assertive items become admired and humans merch and abundance them. Jagex accept already bargain time it takes to achieve the honey to one hour and by now anybody knows marigolds abandoned yield 17.5 annual to grow.

Seeds are simple to get as well, even for ironmen, homepage and at the minute they are a abundant moneymaker for low levels too.

Amazing how little backbone some folk accept because what bold we're all playing.