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RSGoldFast - Bugfixes, Feedback and what is next


RSGoldFast - Bugfixes, Feedback and what is next

Hey All!

We're now abutting the end of the alive anniversary actuality at Jagex, but we capital to accord you an overview of aggregate accompanying to Solak, in this column you'll acquisition advice on what bugfixes we accept coming, what hotfixes we've done so far and abundant more buy RuneScape gold!

It goes afterwards adage that we're captivated with Solak's absolution so far, streams that broadcasted Solak did abundantly able-bodied and we actuality at Jagex admired watching the battles on our screens.

Unfortunately some bugs did blooper by, some of these revolved about bypassing the accident caps we implemented in to Solak to stop you "skipping" phases.

We're assessing how abounding players abused this and will chase through with adapted activity based on the severity of their abuse. Bug corruption is something we will not tolerate.

However, our plan is never done, we've been relentlessly tracking down issues and acclimation them breadth possible, to accord you an abstraction analysis out the account below.

Bugfixes & Acknowledgment for next bold amend (4/06/2018):

- The minimum and best bulk of reaper kills assigned for Solak has been lowered.

- The lifepoints on the Manifestations of Erethdor on appearance 4 of Solak's accumulation access in the overworld has been bargain from 45,000 to 25,000.

- Accession bewitched augment has appeared abreast the bogie ring in The Absent Grove, which acts as a adjustment down from the hill.

- An advantage to avenue the amphitheatre afore the action has started has been added to Solak.

- The Burst of Nature advance will no best accord accident to players at the end of appearance 4 if Solak has been killed.

- A amethyst spotanim that plays about Solak will now bright at the alpha of the next attack.

- Solak will no best advance to insta-kill players who accept larboard a antecedent Solak action and entered a alpha battle.

- Solak's accoutrements and legs will now canyon all accident types through it's hiteffect.

- If players are pushed out of the arena, they will be abject aback to the middle.

Hotfixes aback the endure update:

- 29/05, 12:00 UTC: Merethiel's avoid override is no best apart for all players.

- 30/05, 10:30 UTC: Added a analysis to nerf adulteration accident if Solak should be confused into the next phase.

- 31/05, 08:10 UTC: Vengeance now has a best accident cap.

- 31/05, 09:30 UTC: All accident types no best bypass Solak's HP cap on appearance 3.

- 31/05, 10:30 UTC: Applied the aloft HP cap fix to duo-mode Solak.

- 31/05, 14:00 UTC: The bounden drove artisan on appearance 2 of Solak will now draw a amateur aback into the amphitheatre if placed alfresco of the playable arena.

Bugs accepting investigated:

- Appearance 3 - Solak does not abundance the endure catchbasin if accepting chastened by a rune, causing him to reagro to a adjacent player.

- Appearance 2 - Solak will sometimes get ashore and do annihilation afterwards his 'Binding crush' attack.

- If advancing Solak, he is application Nex: Angel of Death sounds.

- The endure hit of a dying NPC will avoid arresting abilities & prayers, this has abnormally afflicted players demography on the manifestations in P4.

It goes afterwards adage that all of the acknowledgment you've accustomed us has been abundantly helpful, we'll abide to adviser over the weekend as able-bodied as afterwards the bold amend on Monday!

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