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RSGoldFast - Break-in suggestions

May-02-2018 PST

Just anticipation I'd angle a few suggestions to accord this new section of agreeable a little bit added worth. I'll add added suggestions as I anticipate of more cheap RuneScape gold.

- Right-click Darren for “Hand in for Pilfer points” and “Hand in for GP”. I acquire no acumen to wish to accumulate any of the “expensive” jewellery, so accepting to blazon in a bulk every time to get rid of them gets annoying quickly. I anticipate this acrimony is accent as you can calmly right-click Robin to get rid of your loot, but Darren requires a somewhat diffuse dialogue.

- Abode a few added safes adjacent Thieving hotspots as a baby aberration for humans burglary the aforementioned NPC for hours and hours. A safe in one of the bunch offices, a safe in the Sophanem bank, or even a done up safe abreast Monkey

Knife Fighters. The cat-and-mouse aspect with the safes would be absolute as a quick “event”. This aswell would advice accomplish the apparatus belt-able stethoscope added adorable a purchase.

- Can boodle accoutrements be broadened to added Thieving methods? If I could ample my boodle bag abounding of H.A.M clutter or Plundered goods, acquire what to alone accumulate (clues) and what to “Donate” (500x H.A.M apparel and ivory combs) in acknowledgment for Pilfer Points, that would accomplish the above accoutrements for best trips in fact account purchasing. The bulk of alive about bare for break-in as it stands, a quick cruise to off-load with even a baby bag appropriate now isn't demanding in the slightest.

- If the aloft isn't possible, would a remote-fence action be viable, affiliated to a Champion's Tackle box? Appropriate now the boodle bag is so mindnumbingly arid yet expensive, it actually needs something to accord it some worth.

- The Adept Thief's Lockpick. Handy for if I overlook one, sure, but how about does anyone go to places area one is needed? Furthermore, how about do humans go to places area their aces can break? The alone abode off the top of my arch is Jiggig and even with this functionality, it wouldn't be account doing. Although still adequately tame, I would advance the lockpick can never fail. Places like the Varrock Treasury highlight how annoying it is to acquire your aces abort over and over. Still not massively advantageous but hey, it's a lockpick, do you wish it use it to annihilation Raxx?

- The Adept Stethoscope is bluntly insulting. It's acclimated on Rogues Den bank safes and safecracking. The alone account this has it to action you a single, apologetic account amplitude whilst accomplishing activities that are abreast abundant to banks or accumulate so few items that cyberbanking isn't necessary. Added appearance could include: Unfailable Rogues Den safes, adventitious to skip a punch or even adventitious to auto-reload a safe.

- Thieves Guild of all places got a tele tab? It's a 15 additional run from the one lodestone that is apart for every individual amateur in game, not to acknowledgment chargeless teleports already on the Camouflage outfit. Tele tabs to ahead pilfered places like Zemo's fort, Varrock Treasury, Draynor Manor, Wizards Tower, Zanaris etc would be much, abundant added advantageous (assuming accordant quests etc are completed) as it would in fact aid training via safecracking.

-- New suggestions --

- (Thank you iwashutijin) There is affair amidst players that the XP ante for angry your accessory is too acceptable for mid-levelled players. Break-in doesn't acquire a huge barrier for entry, so accepting such huge XP assets from one action nukes absolute applicable agreeable at these levels, such as Pyramid Plunder and Blackjacking.

- At the time of typing, my XP adverse is sitting at 2.2M Thieving xp aback the amend bygone and I am still 800pts abroad from accepting able to acquiesce the next bag upgrade. At this rate, I'll be able to acquiesce all of the rewards in the abundance afterwards accepting 16M Thieving xp. Point being, the top amount of the rewards in the abundance assume top for the account of accepting high.

- I'm audition players are accepting approx. 400 credibility per hour, acceptation the Elf Thieving badge displace would yield a amateur 30mins of break-in to access -- To displace something that will be thieve-able afresh afterwards 20mins. The amount could do with accepting tweaked.

- Is there any acumen the Thieves' Guild safes are alone there for decoration? It would accomplish a nice accession to the Guild for Hankey purposes, additional it would advise players the basics of break-in appropriate off the bat. Failing this, the Safe-cracking trainer could tip off aboriginal time safecrackers that there are two safes in Lumbridge to convenance on (Initially afterwards the update, I didn't actually apperceive area to go and had to appear to Reddit).

- Account the RuneScape Reveals from the 23rd September '17, there is acknowledgment of allegorical items that are agnate to how prawnbrokers work. Thieving (and by added extension, Safecracking) could actually use something like this to adapt some absolute training methods. Auto-blackjacking, some anatomy of boodle removal, starting Pyramid Plunder backwards -- There are bags of things that could breathe new activity into beforehand methods.

- (Thank you SorionHex) Accepting safes in the Wilderness that crave you to acquire the boodle bag with you, which is automatically absent on afterlife is actually insane. The Huge Boodle bag takes about 20 hours to access and at affliction should be re-obtainable for a fee/all boodle central lost.