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RSGoldFast - Breadth Woodcutting Idols goes wrong

Jun-12-2018 PST

If anyone has afresh been to Apple 62 (the actionable apple of the FC 'WC Idols') or even on some of the complete busy worlds like Apple 84, you will see that the Idols lie there about in actuality deserted, demography up amplitude in an already chaotic bold world.

I about never see anyone there, which is a abashment because they are about advised with the abstraction of accepting abounding players accumulation up calm to bright it fast, assemblage up the buffs and go to addition adjustment like Crystallised Acadias.

The botheration is the buffs, they are artlessly too lackluster, and the abandoned one that in actuality is of any use is rarer than agitation horse shit. Let's attending at those buffs in detail and see why they suck.

Keep in apperception with the following, that if you assemblage up the buffs, you will usually go to Crystallising Acadias, Crystal Tree or aback to Ivy (if you haven't got the added methods.)

1, Logs are automatically banked - Really, no one cares about this at any akin you can do idols at, or above. It aswell copies the aftereffect from Amulet woodcutting potion. This aftereffect already exists in an annual that can be bashed whenever you want (granted, it is not 100% chance).

2, 5% added woodcutting XP - This is such a baby aberration that it rarely matters. If you got this one, you're searching at a 1.25% admission in XP / hr and is complete unnoticeable.

3, 10% adventitious of bifold acid - This aswell exists in the anatomy of the Complete amulet woodcutting aromatic (at 5% rather than 10%), but realistically this is aswell a tiny difference. As with auto-banking, this aftereffect exists in an annual that already exists.

4, 10% added woodcutting success bulk - There are auras and allowances for this already, we don't charge addition carbon of it (granted, it may be acceptable for humans who don't accept aurascape or allowances yet). Again, this addict already exists in several altered forms.

5, Cut bulk is angled - This one in actuality bliss ass, and is in actuality good. It is about a ~100% added XP rate, for 15 minutes, but is complete rare.

I accept the key affair actuality is, as you may accept noticed is that three of the 5 buffs already abide in one anatomy or another. The fourth is a all-encompassing XP addition which you can get from accepting the Lumberjack outfit to buy RuneScape gold. The abandoned altered aftereffect is awfully rare.