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RSGoldFast - Breadth are U accepting these numbers from

Mar-24-2018 PST

Where are you accepting these numbers from? That's bold a 1666gp accumulation per bolt and you're not traveling to get anywhere abreast that with bazaar prices of RS gold. So unless the bolts are affairs for WAY over their accustomed GE price, how is this possible?

EDIT: Yea, the accomplished the bittersweet (e) bolts will burning advertise for is 3,800 and the cheapest you can get the approved bakriminel bolts for is 3,176. Application runes at GE market, it's 145gp per cast; you're already down to 479gr accumulation per AND this is afterwards the bolt tip aback they don't even burning advertise for 200gp each. So you're either traveling to acquire to cut them yourself or pay more. Rubies buy at 976, so 81gp each. Down to 398gp accumulation per. That's 23.88m/hr if you can in actuality advance that 60k/hr rate.

Still a crazy bulk of accumulation but that's bold these prices authority still (doubtful as I don't anticipate the bazaar is absolutely traveling to abutment assorted humans auctioning 60k/hr of these assimilate the market),you acquire to buy/cut the bolts yourself so that's traveling to crop time, and you acquire to tip the bolts. Traveling to crop a lot added than an hour.

Not to acknowledgment you'd be adjoin 204m to accomplish this 24m profit.

You're underestimating the appeal for those bugged bolts. I've awash my 60k banal afterwards a bit over a weeks annual of affairs for a bit beneath 5k calmly afterwards a few hours. Burning affairs them is the worse affair you could do because there aren't abounding humans non instantly affairs them AND they acquire airy margins so you'd be crumbling time making/encahanting AND application up GE slots that could be acclimated for added stuff. Never anytime do that.

I've been affairs bakriminels for 3-3.1k ea and bolt tips for 150 ea (making them yourself is a decay of time and money). This makes unenchanted bolts annual 3.2k on average. You can accomplish about 100 bolts every 12 secondsish at carriageable fletchers AND the fletcher gives a adventitious at extenuative even added bakriminel bolts.

I begin in my testing that it's about 10% saved. So thats 500 bolts a minutes, or 30k bolts fabricated per hour. Holding spacebar down and spam beat allure crossbow spell is about 60k casts an hour so for every 30k bolts you make, you absorb bisected an hour alluring them so axis 30k bak bolts + 30k bolt tips into 30k bittersweet bak (e)s is about 90 annual annual of work.

For profit, I apperceive for a actuality they advertise anywhere from 4.5-5k non instantly and in ample quantities are these are the BEST bolts for pvmers to use by far and way added reasonable than any of the added ones. Not abounding humans crop the time out of their day to accomplish ample quantities of these bolts due to limits/non-afk adjustment of authoritative them as well.

So bold affliction case you advertise for 4.5k ea, you accomplish (4.5k-3.2-.145) = 1155 gp per bolt * (30000 bolts every 1.5 hrs) = 34.65m per 1.5 hours or 23.1m/hr. Accomplish that abutting to 5k an hour and that gp/hr goes to 33.1m/hr.

Now, add in the bolts adored during that 90 min aeon and calibration it to an hour, which is 3k/1.5 = 2k bolts added every hour = +6m/hr which agency we're authoritative anywhere from 29-39m per hour.

Enchanting makes the a lot of acutely which is breadth you get the 100m/hr bulk but it's not achievable as approved bittersweet bakriminels don't advertise in ge so the from blemish accumulation per hour is basically 30-40m/hr. You can buy about 42k bolts per anniversary so thats over 2 hours a anniversary for about 60m. The bolt's upfront bulk is 130m + bolt tips + added accepting should max out at 150m upfront a anniversary which isn't abundant because you'd be authoritative aback 40% of it.