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RSGoldFast - Be Accurate New Phising Scams In Game

Aug-27-2018 PST

I afresh fell for a phishing scam, the url was even absolute agnate to runescapes approved one, catastrophe in with a agglomeration of cord of numbers afterwards it.

I saw the aegis affair in my browser that said the website was secured, and aback it had in it, I didn't anticipate annihilation of it, so I clicked on it cerebration it was the approved forums.

It afresh asked me to assurance in with my username, password, and verify like normal. Afterwards that it redirected me to the absolute runescape forums and I looked at the top and noticed I wasn't logged in actually, so I went aback a page and saw the -wh afterwards the aboriginal .com and looked it up online and saw that it was on a annual of accustomed phishing sites.

Please be accurate out there guys, as a lot of the sites aback afore never were labeled as secure, but the one I fell for was in actuality a "secured" website and it would be absolute harder to apprehension that the -wh was afterwards the .com aback forums usually have a lot of strings of numbers and belletrist afterwards it, its harder to in actuality acquaint that it isn't a absolute link.

Really sucks.. But Just capital to acquaint others about it. I displace my password, authenticator, email, coffer pin, etc, so hopefully it will accrue my annual safe but just absolution you guys apperceive that the sites are accepting added avant-garde out there in agreement of attenuate things, as I apprehend afore one of the capital things to attending for is a defended attribute in the browser and they are accepting them now.

Certs acquire been chargeless to accomplish application Let's Encrypt for over 2 years. As of a ages ago Chrome marks all sites not application a in actuality as insecure, and in a few months all sites not application certs will force you to acquire a admonishing afore examination them in Chrome. This just comes down to you not alive how to accrue your annual safe.

And I am advancing aback from afore OSRS and RS3 were two seperate amateur and I rememember them accurately advertence that the aegis attribute was a key indicator if a website was traveling to be accustomed or not for sites.

So that is the abandoned reason, I saw that the url was or some accidental cord of belletrist and anticipation it was runescape because it in actuality started with (i didn't use the absolute link, but just application that as an example, as it had a birr with two belletrist afterwards it followed by the archetypal cord of letters, numbers, and symbols that are acclimated to accomplish it)

The website said it was secure, it had the exact aforementioned jagex logos, login screen, countersign section, even down the the able book areas and the aforementioned background. I acquire logged into the runescape website abounding times and it functioned no differently, so unless you assay the absolute cord of a url afresh it would be adequately simple to do.

I apperceive I should prolly attending at the url of things added carefully, and will in actuality now in the abutting for sure, because I didn't even apperceive a website could acquire to .com's in its url like that. I saw the and thought, yeah I am on the appropriate website here.

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