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RSGoldFast - Battery spells accept a bit buggy


RSGoldFast - Battery spells accept a bit buggy

There are still some issues with battery spells. With some of them, I just can't bulk out why things are the way they are, so maybe you guys can advice me out and explain why these things occur.

These are just two examples, but there's apparently added that doesn't cantankerous my apperception appropriate now.

1. Application battery spells on a individual ambition in EOC does not admission you any adrenaline. If the spell hits added than 1 target, however, you will get your 2% adrenaline. I do accept that this is well-known, but it still seems like a bug to me, unless this is artlessly intentional. I aswell do apperceive that there's not in actuality a point of application battery spells on a individual ambition anyway, but this still seems a little odd.

2. In some occasions, the aftershock advantage and the aftereffect of a god book will in actuality bulk you battery runes. (I was on bequest action at the time, accept not arrested if this is a affair on EOC)

Ok, that endure one seems like a awe-inspiring one. Is this a accepted affair that I accept artlessly missed? I did a few tests afterwards acquainted this and the awe-inspiring affair was that it seemed like this alone occurred while I was application claret battery and a zammy godbook.

Switching to added spells anchored this issue, as able-bodied as switching to addition godbook (I dont even apperceive what to say lol).

Is this declared to be something that I was never acquainted of, or is this a bug? I'm in actuality confused.

Barrage spells alone absorb runes if the aftereffect procs. This is a 100% adventitious on auto attacks and I anticipate 5% on eoc abilities? (doubled by aphotic anatomy prayer)

My assumption with the rune burning on aftershock/cracking/god book is that they calculation as abilities if it comes to the furnishings of age-old spells. So there's a % adventitious that you get the freezing/healing effects, etc.

As for battery spells not acceding adrenaline, I accept this is advised as it hasn't been fixed, but I'm not abiding tbh, go to our site.

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