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RSGoldFast - Basal would i assumption be all 4 elders


RSGoldFast - Basal would i assumption be all 4 elders

The accomplished point of authoritative the cosmos was to accomplish the planet with the absolute anima, which is basically just activity energy. So i abandoned anticipate gilenor is the activity rune planet if they all amalgamate appropriately (jagex just calls it the balanced planet). Basal would i assumption be all 4 elders but they didnt mix absolutely appropriate (perhaps abridgement of rock of jas), so RuneScape gold in that faculty it could be activity is the change of elemental.

The catalytic rune, ok yeah thats a catchy one. Accustomed its name it could able-bodied be just the authentic rune from the rock of jas alone. I will accept that isnt a planet in the cosmos but if i anticipate about it, it shouldnt be one really. Its the elders that fabricated the planets, abiding the rock is able abundant to accomplish its own bewitched activity but it couldnt ammunition an absolute planets anima so its fair to say it wouldnt acquire fabricated a apple of its own. Plus adage catalytic evolves into acrimony doesnt accomplish abundant faculty either cus its the rock thats evolves the elders elements, it couldnt just advance itself afterwards something abroad to amalgamate with.

Yeah dragonkin as they are now would be a adequate applicant for the acrimony rune but bethink they wherent consistently like that. They abandoned became like this cus they followed afterwards jas and got accursed for it. We already acquire the ice, claret and smoke planets alleged which abandoned leaves adumbration and the abandoned actual lower apple we apperceive of, iaia. This and the actuality iaia is home to accession humanoid cadger chase awful suggests they are from iaia and thats infact the adumbration rune. Infact i anticipate in that belief beck they talked a bit about iaia and said its sky has such a blubbery coinsow awning that you deceit see any stars at night, appropriately its a aphotic and atramentous planet.

So all in all, while i dont anticipate jagex anytime will accompany the acrimony rune into rs3 and so will just leave it out of the lore. I do anticipate the abandoned abode it could be is a absent age-old rune apple from the antecedent universe. Just cerebration about it now, i was gonna brace the airuts homeworld as accepting aforementioned as the afterlife rune planet (home of the apes and horrors, jermyn) but they could be accession fair applicant for the acrimony rune aswell.

But if Gielinor is the Activity Planet than what of the Astral Altar? It is the abandoned chantry present on Gielinor itself, ZMI excluded, so wouldn't that beggarly Gielinor is Astral or at atomic has a tie to Astral?

Also, speaking of ZMI that reminds me of something... There is, in theory, accession aggregate rune of Omni. We acquire the Omni-Talisman and aswell an Basal Talisman, even if they don't point a abandoned "altar"; but the added admixture runes also abridgement an altar. Also, I yield it Basal and Aggregate runes don't acquire planets associated with them; if they did, it would accomplish the abridgement of altars for admixture runes rather strange. Anyway, if there was an chantry that broke into Omni, it would be ZMI and Omni itself would be the aggregate of Basal and Catalytic.

TBH, I catechism how abundant of this belief if 100% assize and how abundant is what they are traveling with for the time accepting but not accounting in stone. It does assume a bit heedless to address belief in a way that a bold alleged RuneScape could never see any added Runestones in the future... That said, there is already two loopholes. Aboriginal is there are four elements but 5 age-old gods; I accept Mah is the one accepting afar which is aswell a adequate applicant for Activity if you go with that being an Element. But there is aswell the "something else" as a sixth age-old god. So that does beggarly there are potentially 1-2 added elementals, which agency accession 4-9 admixture runes I accept and accession 9 Runes.

Either way, I'd apprehend the belief was fabricated adjustable abundant that they could explain the actuality of something like a Acrimony Rune if needed. Also, accustomed the adjustment of the Acrimony Chantry in OSRS, it does accommodate itself to some absorbing theories.

For one, it is from a Dragonkin focused quest, which added supports the Dragonkin homeworld approach or added ties to the Dragonkin. And for two, it is aural the Myths Guild, so I admiration if the rune itself could be advised a allegory.

Final agenda is that it could be an bogus rune... I'm not abiding how abundant you apperceive of OSRS, but the way Claret and Soul Runes area alien area through abnormal agency of a aphotic ability manipulating those altars into existence, so they aren't the absolute altars.

That aswell stands to acumen they are accepting fabricated from some ability not affiliated to the aboriginal planets and by something more...well, artificial. So while the Acrimony Rune does acquire a able chantry and amulet like acceptable runes, that is not to say some age-old chase couldn't acquire created their own rune somehow and the Lunar mages just best up on its activity and congenital an chantry for it, not acumen it wasn't as accurate as the others.

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