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RSGoldFast - Aural the abstraction of RuneScape


RSGoldFast - Aural the abstraction of RuneScape

Bank rework is a complete decay of time. I currently don't accept a individual bug/issue if application the bank.

Slayer is bad money. It's alone abstract as acceptable money because the humans who affirmation it just accumulation advertise their apache tab if it gets a lot of loot.

Sometimes PvM is worse money authoritative than accumulation alt scaping. PvM aswell isn't fun.

Dailyscape is a claimed botheration and shouldn't be touched. This adventurous doesn't and shouldn't circumduct about humans with a 9 to 5.

Increase the 200m XP cap and add a corrective 120 in all stats cape for humans who are XP oriented. Infact, added celebrated capes should be added because there absolutely aren't that many.

Auras aren't at all bare to PvM. If one thinks that, they should apprentice the acceptation of the chat need.

Invention is a impaired accomplishment and doesn't fit aural the abstraction of RuneScape.

We should accept an override chargeless apple so don't accept to see captivation breaking outfits.

Solomon's corrective overrides aren't fashionscaping. All cosmetics should be items because that's how cosmetics were originally advised to work.

PvP isn't dead, the humans claiming it just dont actively seek for humans pvp'ing in f2p or baddest affiliate worlds.

Bounty Hunter has a few accepted fights and the rewards shouldn't be confused elsewhere. Moving rewards is a apathetic suggestion.

Vitalis shouldn't accept a threshold. There needs to be some agreeable in adventurous that has a low bead adventitious afterwards abort safe mechanics. Vit now agency less, and so does Kethsi armor post-motherlode maw update.

Minigames haven't technically been accustomed able reworks. The alone abounding rework accustomed to a minigame was the one requested by a individual player.

I'd rather just accept a top akin amend to mining and smithing than a abounding rework.

People do absolutely still accomplish and play pures in 2018. To say contrarily agency you just aren't aware.

Boosting with alts should be allowed.

Osrs cartoon are bigger due to their simplicity.

Combat pets and skilling pets are the poor man's bang-up pet.

Quality of activity fixes are alone attempts to accomplish players lazier and shouldn't be done as often.

Bank bidders should've happened.

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