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RSGoldFast - Attendance of gods in RS implies

Feb-13-2018 PST

In Arid Treasure (Set aback in the 5th age), you accommodated a merchant who has the adeptness to accord you admission to the Shadow Dungeon, RS gold and to appearance the Shadow Realm.

This merchant, Rasolo, was originally one of two merchants in the bold who awash the Dragon Artful and aswell sells a all-encompassing "poison". He aswell endemic a gilded cantankerous baseborn by a arid bandit, baseborn if Rasolo visited the desert.

Also in Arid Treasure, you may about be attacked by a drifter at any point if you are accustomed the diamonds. He wields a berserk Dragon Dagger, the abandoned NPC to do so, and says "Master says hi," if you are dead by him.

From this, I anticipate it is accessible to infer 5 abeyant access amid the two characters, should any affiliation exist:

- In his travels, Rasolo and the Drifter both acquired this weapon from a aggregate area or party. In this situation, Rasolo is either just a salesman who was in fact blind of the Stranger, or abroad the two serve disparate masters and are at allowance with one accession (The Stranger, Zamorak, maybe Rasolo, Zaros)

- Rasolo IS the Stranger's master, and he seeks the gems either for his own purposes or to anticipate the absolution of Azzanadra.

- Rasolo and the Drifter are both agents of Zamorak, and they are both affiliated by aggregate service.

- Rasolo IS the Stranger.

- The drifter came searching for you abreast the Shadow Diamond, and best up a Dragon Artful from Rasolo while he was there.

Of these options, if any affiliation exists I feel either the aboriginal or the third advantage are the a lot of likely, because there is no advancement from Rasolo afterwards the adventure that your success presents a botheration to him.

While with the absolution of 6th age agreeable and attendance of gods in Runescape implies that we would accept added absolute advice if Rasolo was in account of a god, it could be an classic of blunt content.

I anticipate it's cool that Rasolo is the Drifter because you can annihilate the Stranger, and because their arresting derma colour is hardly different. Also, Rasolo has a abundant big bristling beard.

Has anyone actuality put any anticipation into this? It just feels absolute abnormal that the abandoned merchant alfresco Zanaris who sells the Dragon Artful appears in the aforementioned adventure as the one of the abandoned enemyies who attacks you with one.