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RSGoldFast - As A Runescape Player's Feedback

Jul-11-2018 PST

Emmm... I just ambition to say something about Runescape... I afresh managed to altercate my wife to try arena Runescape for the aboriginal time ever, RuneScape gold and I apperceive how infrequently new players access this game, so I anticipation I'd abridge a abbreviate list of acknowledgment that she gave about the game.

Right now, she is about action akin 20, and has been arena for about a month. She started off in f2p, but absitively to buy a associates about a anniversary ago for the added coffer space.


- Her admired aspect so far is the questing. She thinks the belief are interesting. Her favorites so far are Death of Chivalry, One Piercing Note, Vampyre Slayer, and Imp Catcher (it was cute).

- She seems to adore afk skilling a lot. She says she finds cutting woodcutting complete adequate and she can do it while she's working.

- She thinks the amusing aspect is absolutely cool. She fabricated a acquaintance while skilling, which is something that never happened in added MMOs that she played.

- She *loves* the god lore. She hasn't absolutely played any of the Sixth Age quests besides Death of Chivalry, but she asks me about the added gods all the time. She brand Armadyl and she hates Saradomin.


- The argument admeasurement is not adjustable. This is complete about a deal-breaker for her. Her adviser resolution is absolutely high, which makes the in-game argument abundantly baby on her screen, and I accept activate no way to accomplish it bigger abbreviate of lowering her adviser resolution. If anyone knows how to fix this, amuse let me know, because it's starting to accord her headaches whenever we go questing calm and I'm afraid she'll accord up on the bold because of it.

- Some of the quests are absolutely bad. She doesn't absolutely adore any of the puzzles or "point and bang adventure" appearance gameplay. She aswell dislikes the air-conditioned aback quests. Her atomic admired were Pirate's Treasure, What's Abundance Is Yours, Ernest the Chicken, and Myths of the White Lands.

- Admitting traveling through the tutorial, there were a lot of absolutely basic, axiological things that she didn't apperceive how to do at first. Things like "use X on Y in your bag to amalgamate them" or "right bang on a shopkeeper to barter with them directly instead of accepting to go through the brainless chat every time." It's all little accepting that she eventually got the adhere of, but was still a affliction point at first.

- Her admired allotment of the bold is the lore, and she wants to do all of the quests in the complete order, but she was aghast to ascertain that there was no in-game advocacy for what adjustment they should be played in. This is affectionate of important for a lot of the Sixth Age quests, which do canonically action afterwards WGS and RotM, but accept no prerequisites so you can technically do them aboriginal (examples of this are Missing Presumed Death and The World Wakes). I've been relying on a fan-made adventure account from the forums to admonition her with this, but it would be nice if Jagex arise some affectionate of complete assize order.

- I apperceive MTX is a hot affair appropriate now, but she was affectionate of arguable about it. If anything, she was added abashed about TH than annoyed. She didn't even apperceive what bisected the rewards were for, she just played it to "get rid of all these brainless keys" that she got from the quests.

- She thinks the bold is angrily ugly. And it is. To be fair, she hasn't apparent Menaphos or Prif or any of the added newer, shinier places. But like, traveling aback through some of these cutscenes... I'm absorbed to agree, lol.

- She aswell wants me to say that there should be a craven pet. So... yeah. Get on it, I guess.

In conclusion, I don't anticipate she's absolutely into it. If I wasn't arena with her, I'm appealing abiding she wouldn't abide arena on her own. In fact, I'd be accommodating to bet that she'd rather just apprehend a book with all the belief agreeable in it than accept to play through all the quests in-game.

In any case, hopefully this was absorbing to some of you, more read here.