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RSGoldFast - Aristocratic Clue Scrolls Bank Preset V4

Mar-02-2018 PST

Description of annual items, and their use (not including aggregate yet):

-Attuned Crystal Teleport Seed: For Lletya teleport, for Elven Lands browse clue.

-Ring of Dueling: For Castle Wars teleport, for a ambit clue.

-Ring of Slaying: For Fremmink Slayer Dungeon browse clues.

-Games Necklace: For Tears of Guthix teleport, for Lumbridge Swamp browse clue.

-Digsite Pendant: For a assertive ambit clues.

-Black Demon Mask: For Taverly Dungeon browse clues.

-Witchdoctor mask: For a assertive Karamja ambit clue.

-Ring of Kinship: For Daemonheim ambit clues.

-Ectophial: For a assertive scan/compass clues.

-Drakan's Medallion: For a attenuate barrows ambit clue.

-Dorgesh-kaan spheres: For Dorgesh-kaan city-limits browse clues.

-Slayer cape: For abutting admission to a ambit clue abreast the Black Wizards belfry if allotment "Spira", and some added arid ambit clues if allotment "Sumona".

-Dungeoneering cape: For Taverly/Brimhaven Dungeon browse clues (provides addition entry).

-Ardougne teleport tab: For added able scanning of Ardougne Browse clue (to alpha from there).

-Relleka teleport tab: For a assertive ambit clue.

-Traveller's Necklace: For "South of the Arid Eagle's Eyrie" teleport, for a assertive ambit clue abreast Dominion Tower.

-Meerkats pouch: For browse clues ambit accession by x5 tiles.

Extra notes:

1, The Torag Legs acquire Mobile + Venomblood & Glow Worm perks, which will be helpful. In adjustment to get Mobile Perk, you will ambition to use: x4 Flexible locations slots + x1 Dextrous Component. In adjustment to get Venomblood & Glow Worm Allowances in the above gizmo, you will ambition to use: x2 Evasive Components + x3 Ablaze Components.

2, The Completionest Cape is artlessly the best-in-slot cape. If you don't acquire it, use Ardougne Cloak instead.

3, Luck of the Dwarves ring is for Keldagrim browse clues (and a hardly bigger adventitious of attenuate rewards).

4, Arid Amulet is for Nardah browse clues.

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