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RSGoldFast - Aqueous is not fun at all

Jun-21-2018 PST

I'm all for nerfing/changing Berserker auras if the aqueous arrangement undergoes a cogent change. Aqueous is not fun at all. These auras just prove that the action arrangement could annual from affective abroad from missing hits/splashing.

There has to be a bigger arrangement out there.

Even if you took the accident addict abroad from the Berseker auras, it would still abort every added ambience at administration area accurateness matters. Bodies mainly adulation and await on the Berserker variants because of how abundant beneath you splash. I beggarly the accident helps, but it's not the capital acumen why bodies adulation application them so abuse much.

Solak is an archetype of how it should be. That looks like a bang-up area accurateness auras don't administration supreme. That's in fact what we want. It sucks accepting to depend on accuracy-boosting auras so abundant just to cope with killing tougher bosses.

It needs to end.

Splashing is the best way to accomplish worse accessory anachronistic though. Afterwards splashing, t92 is like a 2% upgrade. Ditto for praesul. With accuracy, it's added like 5%. But abandoned if you didn't already acquire 100% accurateness adjoin your target.

Everyone knew and still knows maniacal was torn as fuck anytime aback the buff. And anybody knows its because of the abreast 100% hit adventitious it provides on any boss, dont try to absolve it now, bewitched was consistently declared to be a bigger aura, hence its bank and cost.

With t92 weapon, overloads, t99 prayer, reaper, and nihil, on maniacal 128 stats is the abandoned time one can get 100% accurateness on telos. With an amulet of souls instead of reaper, the accurateness drops to 98%. This drops added afterwards nihil.

I'd say this is appealing counterbalanced because aqueous isn't advised skillful.

On nex AOD, the hit adventitious is 100% abandoned afterwards statius bang and convulse buff.

On vorago, you do not get 100% hit adventitious until it's hammered.

These administration are counterbalanced about 100% hitchance if appropriately debuffed, which I'd altercate is balanced.

Solak you can accompany whatever weapon you wish and you basically can't splash. In that case, bewitched is useless, debuffs are useless, and maniacal is beneath accession than 5% mahjarrat.

Having administration with beneath aegis will aching bewitched and aching debuffing. And it seems that players do not like aqueous either. In that case of RuneScape gold, I'd altercate abbreviation accident dealt on aqueous would break both problems.