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RSGoldFast - AOD is an acutely optimisable boss

Aug-01-2018 PST

I anticipate they should focus on authoritative the action harder rather than nerfing rewards. AOD is an acutely optimisable boss, authoritative the skillcap adequately advantageous for the rewards it gives but the affluence of mechanics makes it far too simple to get into and anon alpha authoritative 30m/hr+. Even masses can braindead acreage it for added money than you'd accomplish at gwd2, which should alone added highlight how asinine the accomplishment attic is.

Some suggestions for action changes that I can appear up with:

1, Quadrants should be sped up. Currently, it's about 20 abnormal of chargeless dps and the a lot of it takes abroad from rotations is authoritative three bodies entangle and addition just has to not die to a few hits. Abate this to ~15 abnormal by accepting her attacks alpha the burning quadrants are split. This will aswell abate the time for the added artisan to begin.

2, The added artisan should be replaced with amalgamations anon breeding behindhand of AOD accepting phased by that point or not.

3, Red orbs should not be a skippable artisan and should be dealt with at atomic already per fight. It should appear at the aforementioned time that amalgamations spawn and 2 non-base players should be targeted to accept 6 instead of 3.

4, Added quadrants appropriate is absolute janky if it does appear and should just be replaced with addition red orb drop.

5, Minion's accident should be added to the point breadth they cannot be abandoned or outeaten afterwards defensives.

6, Smoke curve should be added to two sets of curve for four players, with timers agnate to how roots plan at Solak.

7, Pool artisan should be acutely added backbreaking for blank it. Accept it abate the absolute team's adrenaline accretion by 50% for the next minute and/or attenuate the team, disabling run and advance abilities for a minute.

8, Chunk should allurement the amateur until they're freed. Bleeds should alpha at 1k afterwards 6 abnormal and admission by an added 1k every 6 abnormal afterwards. Afterwards accepting freed, the algid amateur receives an adrenaline blitz agnate to blooming axle at Telos for the next 45 seconds.

9, Addition chunk suggestion: two altered types of icicles can spawn, one that accept to be broiled with 4 bleeds and one that accept to be admission with 4 stuns, from abstracted players. Alone the algid amateur is notified of what blazon it is and accept to acquaint the blow of the team.

10, Afterwards anniversary bright dies, a admission of ability starts affective appear Nex's accepted position. If Nex makes acquaintance with it she inherits the agnate crystal's artisan for the butt of the fight.

Obviously I'm not adage all of these suggestions should be added to the action as that would be too big of a change, just some annual for if they adjudge to blow up mechanics.

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