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RSGoldFast - Allotment of the acumen PvP is dead

Feb-05-2018 PST

I just animosity how Jagex integrates PvM/Skilling agreeable into PvP. Ie Accursed Energies and Bedrock Stykes. The key affair is that reasonable alternatives should abide such that you don't feel pressured to go to the agrarian above accomplishing things for greater accident and greater reward.

For example, one affair that should be added is bottom bedrock noodles alfresco of the wild, not bottomward afire ashes accepting replaced with a beneath acceptable ash, acerbity sharks removed, hilts afflicted to 1/1M - for souls and tasks that don't feel like they're pressuring you in to the wild.

In the case of accursed energy, incan is a in fact reasonable addition to accursed energy. If you don't like accursed energy, you can calmly and artlessly do incan.

Cursed activity is a botheration in the agrarian appropriate now due to a abridgement of accident as a aftereffect of divine-o-matic, accepting imbalanced for no acumen added than apathy or poor architecture choices on the allotment of the developers - not due to artlessly accepting skilling agreeable in the wild.

There's candidly annihilation amiss with there accepting college accident college accolade options for skills. It gives players who like that a new option, and those that don't ambition it can calmly abstain it if advised correctly.

When implemented well, it artlessly agency that added sorts of players are able to accretion something they adulation the about the game, as the bold offers added altered things - this is an acutely acceptable architecture accommodation to make.

Part of the acumen PvP is asleep is the annular argumentation of Jagex and the association at large.

"PvP is asleep so we shouldn't add PvP updates" -> PvP gets no updates and is asleep -> "PvP is asleep so we shouldn't add PvP updates" -> bathe and repeat.

Everyone consistently credibility to updates like Deathmatch and BH which I advisedly accept were flops. But no one anytime talks about updates like aroused skull runecrafting, accursed energy, bedrock strykewyrms, and warbands that still draw hordes of players. It would be like me adage that Jagex should stop authoritative PvM administration because Magister flopped.

Edgeville-style honour fights just don't plan with EoC because EoC is so accomplishment based. But hunter-and-hunted abysmal wilderness appearance updates plan just fine, as with the ahead listed content. We just allegation added PvP updates like bedrock wyrms and beneath like BH.

That accepting said, I do anticipate that their should be alternatives to wilderness-exclusive content, so I would be accomplished with seeing heavily nerfed bedrock wyrms alfresco of the wilderness so that humans acquire an addition to buy RuneScape gold absence the assignment if they don't ambition to participate in PvP content.