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RSGoldFast - Alive and consistently accepting updates

Jun-19-2018 PST

When are the issues with abundance hunter traveling to be adressed it has been 8+ months with no acknowledgment on any changes and it keeps accepting delayed this is accepting depressing.

People are mainly anxious because the superior of updates has gone down drastically, things were promised and afresh "delayed" to never be arise of again, cheap RuneScape gold and they try to aback out on updates.

Yet Abundance Hunter consistently seems to be up and alive and consistently accepting updates. They may be babyish and simple to make, but it doesn't reflect able-bodied on the accompaniment of the game.

The connected promos with Jagex able in the accomplished they would apathetic down. Just like anybody guessed, they affectionate of slowed down for a brace months and went aback abounding force not giving two shits what the association thinks.

Recently I accept they said they would arise out with addition account yet they abide bashful on the topic. They abstain every TH/MTX column on Reddit abnegation to allege on it acquisitive humans will overlook again. I'm adequately abiding OP is talking about those issues.

Ah I assumption I could see those as accurate points, it would be nice if anyone from Jagex could accord a little acumen to that. But I've consistently affectionate of wondered if they're even accustomed to altercate such things or if they're captivated to some array of undisclosed agreement.

This is just my assessment but I wouldn't apperception some array of promo every week, so connected as the bulk aspects of the bold are still accessible so that I can still play, but that's just me. It does assume like Jagex does accept a PR botheration of sorts, but they do try all sorts of things. I assumption maybe we can accumulate giving them effective criticism and go from there.

It's not a statement, but I anticipate it was Mod Timbo? Who commented a allurement that was bashing Abundance Hunter (dude makes a post, mod comments, dude baits him into trashing TH) and said that they abhorrence monetization of the bold as abundant as anyone, but it's important to accumulate the bold running.

There are 2 way to access the affair of TH.

1, Get angry in knots because it's p2w and others absorb added and akin faster and get nice things etc.

2, Play your own bold your own way. Abstain TH except for the dailies. Enjoy whatever account are offered.

I alone plan with #2. What others do doesn't affect me. I just do my own thing.

Edit: I will add that no TH skilling item/set should anytime accept the aforementioned benefits/perks as a skillcape. I saw this afresh with something that came up and was disgusted. There is a band that shouldn't be crossed.