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RSGoldFast - Afterwards affairs added tiers on the runepass

Jul-16-2018 PST

Just completed the runepass with exceptional and afterwards affairs added tiers, here's my thoughts. I just accomplished akin 30 on the runepass afterwards affairs added tiers through packs, abandoned through gameplay. I do accept the exceptional unlocked, but I'm arena ironman so cannot allege for the experience/protean rewards from runepass. Here's my thoughts on the accepted accompaniment of runepass.

1) The good

I in actuality admire the actuality it mostly focusses on cosmetics (even with the xp rewards for non-ironmen), 2 abounding costumes, a weapon set (including off-hand, yay!) and a appellation for 400 runecoins is a absolute acceptable accord to me.

The one off accolade for purchasing the runepass exceptional in forms of a allegorical pet is a acceptable abstraction and should be connected in approaching runepasses, acutely in agreement of added rewards than a allegorical pet. This accolade should possibly be good abundant so humans who ability not be able to accomplishment the abounding tiers are still absorbed to go for the runepass, but not so able humans who can't acquiesce it are at an acute disadvantage (e.g. something something auras)

Some of the challenges accomplish you go out of your way but do not force you into agreeable that you complete never wish to do. Like burying basic (please accomplish it so it works with altar/ectofuntus too) or chop a agglomeration of logs. Even if you wouldn't commonly go up to a tree, you now go and chop a agglomeration of logs. The acceptable affair it's abandoned a limitted bulk so it doesn't yield you 2 hours of agreeable you'd rather not do to get a few starfish for your runepass.

2) The bad

Some of the timeconstrained challenges abominably allegation to be looked at and preferrable in actuality removed. I get that accepting added adored for a accumulation is cool, but if I get home from plan and get to play at xx:10 message and realise I have to breach logged in for 50 annual just to be able to alpha a circadian for my runepass is a big, big bone for me.

The sinkhole claiming needs to go. Ironmen can't even complete it and still get it, but it's aswell one of time coercion ones (read point above).

You said you'd accept to yield a austere attending at how able-bodied runepass did to be able to potentially accent down TH. Amuse don't overlook to yield into application that the one-off acquirement came with a allegorical pet. So you'll either accept to take into annual that you'd advertise beneath passes afterwards a (good) one-off purchase, or accumulate giving out rewards for artlessly opting in with the exceptional runepass (Read point 2 in "the good").

I accept a job that allows for a lot of breach currently, and I completed to runepass just 3 canicule shy of it's end. You HAVE to accept that not anybody will be able to complete the circadian tasks 5-6-7 canicule a anniversary or humans who can't play abundant to do the circadian tasks AND get 1.8m experience. This goes duke in duke with the actuality that the runepass is VERY backbreaking for newer players who's training methods don't go in the 100's of bags per hour. A simple proposed fix would be to abate the circadian acquaintance tasks by a lot (e.g. aboriginal coffer 5k, added 10k, third 50k,fourth 100k) and accumulate the repeatable one as 5m for those so absorbed to bullwork it out early.

EDIT: To abide on antecedent point: If Runepass was fabricated to endure a abounding month, instead of acceleration down to 60 tiers, up it to 50 instead so humans accept added elbowroom on commutual it if they bought it.

3) Personal like to sees

Added abate the acquaintance rewards and add rewards for both accepted and ironmen accounts. Few examples could be ambience resets, baby coffer amplitude packs (5-10 added slots), attenuate accolade tokens (give ironmen admission through this) and former abundance hunter abandoned cosmetics (I would in actuality adulation one of the contempo catacomb weapons on my ironman).

While a appellation is absolute nice, can we accomplish the endure coffer added valueable? Few examples could be the aforementioned as ahead mentioned and/or a discontinued corrective annual (cosmetic, not partyhats or the like)

4) Added abeyant rewards

Coffer space

Ambience reset

Clue Annal accolade enhancer: gives you an added adventitious for attenuate reward. Has X chargers and drains a allegation even if no attenuate is rolled.

Skilling enhancers: While alive gives you a X% adventitious to autumn a added absolute which is advanced anon to your bank. Can accept a timer or charges.

Discontinued cosmetics

Abundance hunter abandoned cosmetics

Accessible Runepass reductions: Say you bought this Runepass and completed it, you'll get a 25% bargain bulk of affairs into the next one.

Bang-up instance enhancers: aperture up a bang-up OSRS gold instance will bulk 3x as abundant but the instance will breach accessible alert as long. E.g. aperture up a gwd1 instance will breach accessible for 2 hours but abandoned requires kc ones.

Viswax enhancer: Bifold Viswax at the bulk of bifold runes, X charges.