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RSGoldFast - Actually anybody is accepted

May-02-2018 PST

With the abatement of 4tick aloft us, I acquire it's time to set a new accepted for adventitious AoD teams. As such, I'd like to be as across-the-board as possible. Now that we are no best REQUIRED to c4tick, we acquire allowance to advance in added areas.

Thus, we activate anew. SoccerAoD is appreciative to accessible its doors for both learners and accomplished PvMers!

Now that Magic is no best the meta, we are appropriate to advance and acquire new strategies. As such the afterward gear/tactics will be required:

ALL auras (even skilling ones) (at LEAST 100 resets)

10000 Vis Wax

Tier 99 prayers of ALL styles

Tier 92 weapons (with AS3 admixture advantage and P4E2)

Dyed Tier 92 Weapons (with Flanking 3 and Lunging 3)

Tier 90 armor (with all accordant admixture perks)

Supreme Overload Salves (poison amnesty and saves account amplitude which you charge for Summoning Flasks)

Enhanced Replenishment potions

Limitless Sigil

100 Superior Scrimshaws of EACH type

Dark Bow (with AS3 and P4E2 from afore update. If you don't acquire it, don't bother applying)(Ammo about-face OBVIOUSLY)

Deathtouch Bracelet (with Dom Tower gloves bandy for if you 5TDB)

Cinderbane Gloves (switch for Minions)

Leviathan Ring (during Onslaught)

Spirit Absorber (flick during Onslaught)

Amulet of Souls (Ornament Kit REQUIRED)

Completionist Cape (WITH Spirit Cape upgrade)

T90 Boots

10000 Ruby Bakriminel Bolts (e) (with accordant crossbow switch)

10000 Onyx Bakriminel Bolts (e) (with accordant crossbow switch)

10000 Hydrix Backriminel Bolts (e) (with accordant crossbow switch)

5000 Mechanised Chinchompas

5000 Steel Titan pouches (with 50000 Steel of Legends scrolls)


Dominion Mines

Guthix Staff (full mage about-face for accuracy)

Statius Warhammer (backup in case meleer dies) (with p4e2, bandy on exhausted to not lose AS stacks)

Accumulation Vengeance apart (must be acclimated in adjustment as absitively afore kill)

Disruption Absorber apart (do not use while Accumulation Vengeanced)

Reprisal adeptness unlocked

Bladed Dive unlocked

MDS unlocked

Calorie Bombs (stand next to anyone if they are algid so they yield 3k if you alleviate them for bigger Reprisal damage)

Spellbook swap

Ample Rune Pouch

Baby Rune Pouch

You MUST acquire your Invention machines as Disassemblers with Kiteshields to accomplish Action Dummies.


Any added requirements will be added as they are remembered, this was just off the top of my head. Animated to assuredly see those 4ticking elitists get their dues, achievement this opens up buy RuneScape gold the way forward! Join the FC and ask for an add!

NO FLAMING PLEASE had to repost cuz of some baneful reasons, let's not do that again!