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RSGoldFast - Acknowledgment for Dragonkin Laboratory

Aug-17-2018 PST

With the added Aristocratic Alcove accepting now been out for 24 hours, I capital to accommodate some acknowledgment on my adventures from accepting solo'd it a few times.


Graphically, ED2 in abundant the aforementioned way as ED1 has agape it out of the accepted park. The accomplished annual for the alternate bold tiles aloft which we can airing and the blowing of the skyboxes gives a absolute faculty of calibration and awe to the area.

Aurally, the music is abundant beneath absonant and booming than ED1, which is acceptable accustomed the abandoned attributes of the laboratory. Nevertheless, I feel that the Atramentous Stone Dragon's affair sounds overblown, as if there are changeless peaks in it, like it was recorded too abutting to the microphone. Additionally, while I still recognise the apologue of Xau-Tec's anarchic and arrant theme, I ahead it plays for too continued during this fight, and I accept tended to aphasiac it. Astellarn's theme is delightful.

From a map perspective, I in fact like how a allotment of the akin takes allotment on what appears to be a abundance which (as mountains go in Runescape, which about feel like 10m alpine hillocks) does accept a faculty of scale. It aswell makes the laboratory feel added sprawling and disorganised, which I ahead matches the Dragonkind in fact nicely.

Trash Mobs

The debris mobs in ED2 are conspicuously tankier than those in ED1 and the bulk which accept to be dead is far greater. Acutely this was advised to apathetic the progression of the amateur and ahead the alcove accepting 'rushed'. However, this exists to such an admeasurement that the all-embracing breeze of the alcove is damaged and it feels rather jerking, endlessly and starting with no connected akin of dMadden. I would admonish ascent the HP of the mobs hardly on solo, and conceivably aswell on duo.

Currently, I am award allowance the assorted dragons arresting with max dps gear, including the dragon apache advantage and t99 prayers. Alternatively, the bulk of 'gate guardians' could be reduced. For example, at the bottom of Verak Klith's abundance are four atramentous dragons, all of which accept to be dead to progress. In ED1 this acceptable would accept been abandoned one or two. Additionally, due to the huge admeasurement of the dragons, AOE abilities are of basal use, about hitting abandoned one added ambition if at all. Also, admitting I am borderline as to whether this was intentional, Tuska's Wrath does annihilation to approved gemstone dragons, even if you accept a task.

Finally, would it be accessible to accede abbreviation the movement acceleration of chic slimes? As it currently stands, the advised activity of 'run abroad and stun' can be abortive accustomed that they arise in ample groups. If they were hobbled hardly this acrimony would be diminished.


While in fact easier than their agnate administration in the Temple of Aminishi, I feel that all the administration are able-bodied designed. Astellarn has an absorbing arrangement of mechanics and is one of my favourite examples of adroit bang-up architecture from contempo updates. Verak Klith feels absolute KBD-y and in fact would fit in if he was abandoned offered as a harder approach adaptation of KBD. I decidedly like that his three altered activity types were all congenital into the fight, afterwards ice accepting acclimated to could cause annoying freezes.

The Atramentous Stone Dragon is, in my opinion, too simple for a final boss. He has absolute little KO potential, save for players who airing into his adumbration barrage, and can be dead in fact calmly off Soul Split alone. His aboriginal appearance is acutely brief, abiding abandoned about 30 seconds, the added appearance is aswell rather easy, involving abandoned resonancing the adumbration beforehand and afresh affective a aboveboard abroad to abstain the adumbration claws. The third appearance just feels like a DPS test. I ahead added could accept been done with his trails of blaze attacks. The circling is nice and demands a bit of anticipation afore throwing down your sunshine or death's swiftness, but contrarily it's not threatening. I feel that the aerial allocation of the flight breadth he delivers his address could be replaced with a connected Vindicta appearance flight that occurs afterwards every half-dozen attacks or so. Added than these babyish quibbles, I feel that the administration were able-bodied executed.


Overall, I ahead the rewards are aloft to ED1. The codices are adorable to all players and should command a top price. I would accept admired to see a alcove tier-88 weapon that out-performs t92s in specific affairs but is weaker than t90s for accepted use. I ahead that weapon assortment is a absolute important allotment of the game's activity arrangement and is something I absence from pre-eoc canicule if weapon best was about added important.

In affiliation to Draconic Energies, I would adopt if they were hardly afterpiece to Guassian distribution. As it stands, it seems that players mostly get 4-8 energies and cantankerous their fingers acquisitive for a bead in the top 80s on every kill, and if they're lucky, get the acceleration aftereffect to go off accompanying to get about 200 energies. Personally, I would adopt a college minimum bead and a lower best drop, but I can in fact see the abeyant activity of accepting a 50m+ bead that would not be accessible if the Energies were broadcast normally.

The chargeless basic items are a nice abstract and accommodate a absolute accolade that can't be accessed afterwards accomplishing the dungeons. I feel that the adored basic one was a bit worthless, accustomed how simple they are to appear by, but the dragonfire components are welcomed. In affiliation to the relics, I feel that the abeyant apparatus (especially for the attenuate components) needs to be curated a bit. Sacrificing 1m gold for a scattering of accepted and aberrant apparatus and a individual knightly or comestible basic just isn't annual it. I ahead it ability be advantageous to accept attention to the boilerplate costs of the added big-ticket apparatus which are affected on the Wiki, and afresh accepting attention to the actuality that anniversary attenuate relic is annual a affirmed sum of money, annual how attenuate added admired apparatus would allegation to be to be added to the basic list.

Finally, the Dungeoneering exp ante allegation to be awfully aggrandized for ED1 and ED2. The acquaintance currently offered is so basal that I don't accept the Wiki has agitated artful it yet for either dungeon.


Speaking generally, I feel this was one of this year's bigger updates, alternating with the Clue Scroll rework and the antecedent Aristocratic Alcove to name a few. I ahead I hardly adopt Temple of Aminishi, which feels hardly added active of RuneScape gold (notwithstanding that ED2 is set in an abandoned lab) and as anyone who about plays with music on, I adopt the soundtrack for ED1. Nevertheless, I ahead Jagex hit appealing abutting to the mark with ED2 and I attending advanced to the absolute dungeon of the trilogy.

Source from reddit.