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RSGoldFast - Accompany aback Accidental Claiming but accept them be optional

Aug-10-2018 PST

Bring aback Accidental Claiming accept them be alternative like OSRS and add a Adventure with it. You can even accomplish a adventure out of it breadth you accept some array of adversity and you charge to recruit all the old Accidental Accident guys. It could even be a baby apology of Recipe for Adversity breadth afterwards all of the Accidental Accident NPCs get calm some abundant force freezes time and you accept to save them by exploring their worlds for artifacts to unfreeze them.

I'm just spitballing account here, but perhaps...

1. Giles, Miles, and Niles would be recruited from the GE and accept their appointment breadth you charge to acquisition three articular acclaimed items and yield them to a appropriate coffer to get them unnoted. The coffer would crave you to analyze added items Giles, Miles, and Niles accept to accomplish abiding you're accustomed to unnote their items, so you go off and acquisition them and ask them questions like you do with Angry Dave in RFD. You can allocution to them at the GE, either they will all be there to allocution to or whoever is there teleports you to their appointment breadth all three of them are. The coffer could be agnate to the one in Gower Adventure that you breach into, Tutorial Island coffer but elsewhere, or an alternating absoluteness Draynor coffer in advertence to RuneScape Classic.

2. Drill Demon, Sergeant Damien, is activate at the bazaar afterwards his retirement, you allocution to him and ask him about the "THE War" breadth he starts to bethink and asks if you'd like to alternation with him as he's developed apathetic of the Circus. To chargeless him you accept to complete his complete obstacle advance that we see from his exercise minigame, maybe his old aggressive compatible is at the end of it and that's what frees him. Throughout the obstacle he will acquaint you to do a accidental exercise, and if you get it amiss he starts you over again, or maybe bots took over his obstacle advance and you're aggravating to fit in by artful the exercise.

3. Freaky Forester can be recruited from McGrubor's Wood breadth he accidentally ate a augment from the bogie ring nearby. This causes him to occasionally discharge and teleport to his old abounding realm, except this time his branch is bigger and has added beasts than just pheasants. To chargeless him you accept to bolt assertive kinds of animals for him to accomplish a feast, alignment from feathered pheasants to altered chickens (such as silkies and Polish crested chickens, archetype chickens, and altered black peacocks). Affectionate of agnate to Angry Dave's spices, except you're told which affectionate of beastly to get. For archetype a 3 tailed pheasant, a gold silkie, a average tail-feather crested chicken, and white peacock with average sized tail-feathers.

4. Kiss the Frog prince and angel would be activate and recruited at Enchanted Valley breadth they're trapped as frogs again. They were accursed by a witch (maybe even the capital adversary of this quest, the one that freezes them all) that appropriate their a lot of hated accepting to chargeless them. Accumulate admonition throughout their branch (even if it's just a cavern system) and eventually analyze the NPCs brand and dislikes with both the prince and angel and acquisition the appropriate one. Maybe a adulation aromatic is aswell required, or at atomic lots of Wizard Apperception Bombs, to assuredly accept their NPC chargeless them. Involve Romeo and Juliet just for kicks, maybe even accept the catastrophe of their arc be like Romeo and Juliet's catastrophe breadth the prince goes off with the accepting he hated. Abstruse Old Man would accept assorted parts, to alpha you recruit him in Draynor breadth you acquisition his apperception fragmented. He's abashed about this abstruse box in his account that keeps adding and can't bethink how to accessible it. He gives it to you and if you assuredly accessible it it teleports you to a bewilderment that represents his mind. There's no timer and it requires you to acquisition 5 chests. Afterwards you acquisition the 5 chests acquisition your way to the centermost breadth you get teleported out and he tells you he wishes to host Accidental Claiming afresh like the acceptable ol' days. Even cogent you his discourse about his concepts for new claiming (from 20th copy of Postbag) breadth the amateur declines adage those are abhorrent ideas, but the amateur says they're aggravating to accompany aback Accidental Claiming and he can host some again.

5. Mime is activate at Falador Party Allowance breadth he keeps accomplishing the Glass Box emote. You allocution to him and an advantage box with emotes comes up and you acquaint through those emotes. Bulk out some accessory story, but any amiss emote he all-overs his arch no and you accept to try again. There can be hints such as him accomplishing Panic could betoken a alarming emote, such as Zombie Walk or Angry. If all the actual emotes are done he will do Climb Braiding and an airy braiding will arise breadth he was. Climb it and you're in his branch breadth you accept to complete and characterize the adventure he's miming out. Already that's done he will accept a "spell" torn and assuredly alpha talking, claiming he wasn't a mime on purpose, but rather he had a spell that took abroad his voice. Walk down the date and through the aperture from his aboriginal accidental accident breadth you action a beloved of the angry Witch. Aswell accept the advantage to allocution to the three "mysterious" NPCs we would see during the event, but accept a popup adage they're not absorbed in talking to you. At the end of the adventure he will acquaint you he's so bare to speaking he absitively to just mime aggregate again, but acknowledgment you for allowance him and bows to you.

6. Cap'n Arnav is activate and recruited in Brimhaven at a bar, adage how he afresh absent his home because the antecedent buyer activate out that the money was stolen. You afresh acquaint him about The Arc (able to reclaim assets) and how you can acquisition accidental items just laying about, no best defective to abduct boodle from added people. Admonition him acquisition abundance chests on a few Arc islands by application a new metal detector that Ava invented, or accept some charlatan senses if you wish to go the RuneScape air-conditioned way.

7. Quiz Adept would be absent in the Void, afterwards accident boxy with the Abstruse Old Man humans were clumsy go to to RuneScape's a lot of accepted game-show, which eventually advance to Quiz Master's abandoning off the Commorb or some array of Scrying pool. There can be a bogie ring cipher or an allurement that already opened teleports the amateur to Quiz Adept and you accept to admonition accretion acceptance for his "show" again. Afterwards answering abundant questions he becomes accepted afresh and his appearance comes aback with you as an casual appropriate guest.

8. Sandwich Lady is activate and recruited at Ardougne Market, allocution to her and she tells the amateur how abundant she misses active her old bistro and thinks a new aliment account would admonition her get humans absorbed again. Admonition her acquisition appropriate capacity for her newest creation, conceivably authoritative some or all of the items nontrade-able items abandoned for the quest, and admonition acquisition her a bistro as her antecedent one is taken—or conceivably admonition her abolish the new bistro owners so she can own that bistro again.

9. Angry Bob could accept his island broadcast with The Arc islands (again, save assets, save time, "updates" the cartoon of his old island) and you accept his bondservant admonition you acquisition and bolt a behemothic fish. Conceivably Angry Bob's Island was in actuality abreast ScapeRune's adaptation The Arc, in which case lorewise that could explain why his island is adapted with those assets.

There are too abounding claiming to accomplish a abundant write-out for anniversary idea, but those were just the alpha of what could accomplish an absorbing adventure and accord the players the befalling to get accidental items and accept fun again. It feels like RuneScape is too focused on cutting and bossing rather than accepting fun like the acceptable ol' days. Accidental Claiming are a fun change of clip if cutting out something, but the botheration was it was affected (understandable, it was to admonition abate bots), yet OSRS activate a way to accumulate them in by authoritative it optional. At the actual atomic this does two things; adds a continued adventure that deserves to be long, and accompany aback Accidental Claiming and gives them a adventure on why they were gone for so long.

When/if new players accompany the bold and didn't apperceive those claiming were gone they at atomic get a blame quest & runescape gold, and they would acquisition some similarities if done able-bodied amid Recipe for Disaster. These were just brainstorm ideas, there's annihilation abutting them really, but they should all be in one big adventure calm agnate to Recipe for Disaster.