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RSGoldFast - Accident advocacy ultimates

Jun-11-2018 PST

I've apparent lots of humans use storm shards at solak/vorago as a accompaniment adeptness while absorber camping, but if you affliction about the accident of your shatter, that's in actuality a bad idea.

The interface abandoned shows your accepted bulk of stacks, but ceremony assemblage in actuality represents an bulk of accident that's afflicted if you use the storm shards ability.

So if you adjudge to use storm shards 10 times while absorber camping with achto and fortitude, if you bang you'll be accomplishing a lot beneath accident than you would if you had been in your dps accessory (unless you hit the accident cap anyway, of course).

You can analysis this appealing calmly at dummies: about-face on max hit mode, accouter a 1h weapon, use storm shards, accouter offhand, and use shatter, and almanac the damage.

Then use storm shards with your abrupt able and bang with just 1h, and you'll do decidedly added damage.

Damage advocacy ultimates, on the added hand, bulk for if you shatter, so there's no point in application storm shards in a sunshine, but you should apparently bang in it.

I abandoned noticed this if I was testing a agglomeration of accident modifiers for the aboriginal time (things like how scrim, sun, achto etc. affect accident and what affectionate of accident they can boost.)

Wanted to accept added about what would in actuality plan as pushback adjoin p5 rago, with the acceptance that scrim and mani don't plan (because apparently others accept activated those heavily and they go through p2 hp at rago, so you can use those as a basis.)

Even afterwards testing that all, it's anybody's assumption anyway, but it seems like abbreviation accident from the article of rago himself (or in actuality adverse the hit from damaging you) works for accepting pushed back, which should cover enfeeble, but 10% adjoin players isn't that much.

This would be why reflect and such don't plan - your appearance reduces the damage, but rago still throws his abounding damage.

The aforementioned can be said for approachable accident - abject accident should work, but things that affect your accident afterwards its befuddled will not plan on pushback. (Try application a drain on anything, afresh toggling your scrim on and off while it goes - it should go up and down. The aforementioned happens if you actuate your mani partway through a bleed, or equip/unequip a dragon apache advantage for example.)

It's a little bit of an off affair ramble, cheap runescape gold but anticipation it'd be absorbing to allotment my theory.