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RSGoldFast - Accessory priorities for 120 Slayer

Feb-08-2018 PST

I'm currently alive on 120 Apache (112 at the moment), but my accessory isn't optimal. I've got Drygores, a DR lance, Bandos armour, Blood amulet, Surgeon's ring. Added accepting like scrims, prayers, overloads, etc are all OSRS gold good.

Should I plan appear the Scythe, Ammy of Souls, T80 armour, or Ring of Afterlife next? Scythe seems best, but it's so abundant added expensive... Or is there something huge I've overlooked?

If you don't accept a Nox Agents yet get that aboriginal aback you already accept DRL. Scythe is absolute advantageous but DRL isn't abundant worse for a lot of Apache tasks accustomed their low hp/defense.

If you allegation to plan on Invention, stick to t70 armor as it's faster exp. Generally it's bigger to use t70 for Apache aback it costs beneath and there are bigger things to absorb money on than t80 sets (for Apache at least).

RoD is not a Apache account at all; it's meant for top lvl bossing area your deaths accept top accost costs (~600k at least).

There are absolute few Apache tasks area you would die let abandoned acquire top accost costs. AoS isn't in actuality all-important for annihilation if you already accept a Blood Amulet and it's meant added for bossing tbh.

If anything, some of the things you should accede alive appear are advance the Bonecrusher from the Arc rewards and accepting a Permanent Gold Accumulator from DG.

Weapons consistently a 2h aggrandized with p5 and as3 (basically all nox), admitting a DRL it's like a lvl 87 compared to scythe, so no allegation to accent on upgrading. Basic rings are okay, you're allegedly bigger with a luck ring for slayer.

Gloves are consistently cinderbane, a lot of of apache creatures are poisonable, so they'll die fast. No allegation to accent with scrimshaw, unless you use aggro and meele instance, afresh a attract scrim will be a must.

Get a bonecrusher and a dragontooth chaplet for adoration restore if you can, dragon basic aren't annual anyway, so drove afresh and accumulate SS+turm 100% of the time. Use a gold accumulator for acrimonious up coins and a Agreeableness imp for charms.

If you get a atramentous dragon task, consistently do at QBD, you will accept the 15% addition + abundant money. Bethink to use Salve Ammy if you're accomplishing Edimmu or added undeads task.

T80 adeptness accessory isn't the optimal, it uses added allegation than a t70 and aren't that abundant of a boost. I anticipate that's it, feel chargeless to acclimate to your RS gold style.