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RSGoldFast - Accessory assortment ideas

Jul-02-2018 PST

Gear assortment account - monster specific weapons, able appropriate attacks, new sigils, backfire shields, adoration armours, ports armour buffs, and more!

1) Hunter weapons.

Hunter weapons would be abeyant weapons that can be activated afresh bigger with 1-10 souls of the above monster from ushabti.

These weapons would be augmentable, and act as a T87 weapon adjoin that monster with one soul, accretion by 1 bank anniversary physique added (up to T96) - they would accord no accident to added monsters.

At 5 souls they would consistently alarmingly bang on the aboriginal hit adjoin a monster, and at 10 souls they would accept a adventitious to instantly annihilate a monster on the aboriginal hit.

This would be complete for players who adulation to affected a accurate monster, acute a lot of investment but giving a huge adjustment if in actuality completed.

An addition would be for it to artlessly accretion adeptness through application the weapon itself to annihilate a monster afterwards acceding the weapon a alone soul, abbreviation RNG and giving a added contemporary acquaintance of agriculture your weapon the claret of your adversary to accretion adeptness and all that acceptable stuff.

2) Airy sigil (offense).

Upon activation, you accord an added 5% accident for 15 abnormal (60 added cooldown). Your adoration is drained 1% of your accident dealt (ie. 100K damage->1K adoration drained).

3) Airy Sigil (defense).

Upon activation, you yield 30% beneath accident for 5 abnormal (60 added cooldown) and accident bargain drains your adoration by 9% of the aboriginal accident dealt.

For example, a 5K hit would instead accord 3.5K damage, and cesspool 450 adoration points.

Effectively, this would be a acting spirit absorber aftereffect that's added cher to adoration but requires no absorber and it could assemblage on top of a spirit absorber to activity even added absurd accident reduction.

4) Holy Armour.

Armour that offers not just adoration account but best adoration increase, agnate to best LP increases from some armours. This would let you use airy sigils and spirt bouncer added finer and finer accompany added adoration in to an appointment if annihilation more.

It could appear in the anatomy of adeptness armour and be a about low key affair (similar to nex accessory alms LP boosts) or conceivably be a catchbasin armour that offers some array of added account to your prayers, like greater accident abridgement from protection/deflection prayers, or added damage/accuracy from abhorrent prayers.

5) Reflectors.

These bouncer would act as accepted T85 bouncer but aswell accord 20% backfire damage. Ie. a hit of 5000 would accord 5000 to you still, but aswell accord 1000 accident to the ambition that hit you.

6) Reckless Warrior's armour.

A set of augmentable adeptness armour that increases accident taken by 50% and reduces your best LP by 50%.

This would be be abundantly alarming to use in even moderately alarming scenarios but activity added accident . . . And bluntly there's few things you can't do if you say, "yeah but it gives you added damage!"

7) Spectrum Ring.

The spectrum ring would accord you admission to spectrum debuff, which would accompanying casting vulnerability, enfeeble, entangle, and stagger.

8) Bloodseeker Claws.

Upgraded from ripper claws, these would be T88 bifold administer weapons that accord added accident the lower your ambition is beneath 50% bloom and accept a appropriate advance that increases the accident dealt by bleeds while aswell ambidextrous cogent accident to the target.

This would accord their appropriate advance a use, but aswell accomplish it one you wouldn't ambition to simple spam out or even necessarily use afterwards a bleed, depending on the bearings and what you charge adrenaline for.

9) Aloft Leviathan ring (buff).

Increase the accident abridgement adventitious on the aloft leviathan ring from 5% to 10%. Finer a 5% accident abridgement instead of 2.5%, and a 10% adventitious to save you from a huge, lifethreatening, hit rather than a 5% chance.

10) Aloft ports armour set aftereffect (buff).

Keep the old set aftereffect if you want, but add a set aftereffect like the aloft leviathan's ring:

Pieces  %chance

1          2%

2          5%

3          9%

4          14%

5          20%

Effectively authoritative a abounding set an added 10% accident reduction, and a 20% adventitious to potentially save you from baleful hits.

This would put the complete accident abridgement up to 18.5% if because the PVM accident abridgement it by itself offers.

An alternative/thing to add on top of this would be to accomplish the armour aswell admission the adeptness of their corresponding weapons, ie. testu increases the accident of testu ammunition to accomplish the T88 adaptation aggressive with drygores, or maybe even a tiny bit bigger aback you're giving up the adeptness armour.

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