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RSGoldFast - Absolute Allocution Arposandra

May-09-2018 PST

With the catastrophe of the post-quest accepting today, added and added is arch us arise the account abaft arposandra.

Since this was angry in with the dwarf city-limits finale, it is alarming that we are now about 8-9 years afterwards accepting appropriate alfresco of arposandra that we still do not accept admission to this city-limits (yes yes, we briefly entered it in a adventure afterwards which we assuredly blocked ourselves out).

With that said, I am analytical why humans that did not vote for the arposandra adventure adopted not to do so?

Additionally, I am analytical what players would wish out of this city? Would ppl be accept with a city-limits that is maybe just like any added city-limits with 1 or 2 perks?

Would ppl wish some blazon of aloft training arena to be here? Would ppl wish this to be a altered hub of sorts?

Essentially, what are your expectations? (Given absolute jagex assets and no restrictions on spaghetti cipher or annihilation like that)

As a final question, would you wish the canteen abutting adventure from today to be congenital into the gnome alternation afterpiece with arposandra?

I don't absolutely wish a 'city'. I wish an breadth with lore, and maybe abbreviate activities every so often. But the abstraction of fracturing the amateur abject added is unappealing to me.

I wish it for the account of story. I don't wish the city-limits to become a hub. It accepting keldagrim akin awash is accomplished for me.

Repeatable rewards are some of the best, but hopefully not bold breaking rewards.

I didn't vote adjoin it, I just voted for added things. I am pro all acceptable quests

I've never apparent annihilation about Arposandra that would betoken it accepting the next big hub city.

I anticipate Keldagrim is the appropriate comparison, a ample city-limits with a lot of adventure accepting but abandoned a scattering of training things (mining, bang furnace, brewing, thieving).

For Arposandra I anticipate I would achievement for it be a abode with training for Magic and Construction.

Perhaps architecture bewitched gnomish machines or allowance expand/repair the city-limits and its assorted systems.

Or conceivably application divination to somehow OSRS gold absolve the carrion they've been bearing from the Anima Mundi.