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RSGoldFast - A Solak body reaper appointment requires you

May-30-2018 PST

A Solak body reaper appointment requires you to annihilate him 10 times, possibly more. Considering an accustomed annihilate of time of 10-15 minutes, isn't this a bit too much?

First of all, yes, I apperceive Ramen said he expects players to eventually annihilate the bang-up faster than that.

Even if a annihilate takes 10 minutes, that's 100 account (1h40m) for a alone reaper task, not including banking, achievability of afterlife and/or bootless kills etc.

Vorago reaper assignments are already frequently abhorred due to their arduous breadth (8x Vorago = Approximately 1h40m) and I'm sad to see Solak afterward a agnate trend.

If I anamnesis accurately Ramen said Solak assignments were traveling to accord hardly added credibility than an AOD assignment, which I acquire is fair aback it's a added difficult encounter, but AOD reapers (37 reaper points) can at atomic be completed aural one hour. Aforementioned with Telos (32 reaper points).

Of advance it could be than 10 Solaks is the top absolute of the reaper assignments, but even afresh I still feel it should be bargain by a slight amount.

Reaper assignments are meant to be a daily, not a account D&D. The rewards from assertive reaper assignments acquire been rebalanced in the past, so it's not absurd to apprehend it to appear again.

Ideally I'd like to see the reaper point rewards from assorted tasks accepting in actuality rebalanced, but that's acutely a abundant beyond task.

A appointment of kalphite baron aswell yield in actuality a while, and if you abandoned afresh it's not consistently acceptable you'll get a Nex appointment done in a alone hour.

Yeah it's best if you acquire 10 minutes, but yield that down to 7 and it's alone a little over an hour, like abounding top end and accumulation bosses.

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