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RSGoldFast - A new betray in RuneScape and Be careful

Apr-18-2018 PST

Hi RuneScape Fans,

Just absolution you guys apperceive about a new betray that's active the rounds:

1, Scammer 1 offers you 200M and a Juju Teleport bag for a giveaway, asks you to hop worlds and chase him.

2, Scammer 2 tells you that Scammer 1 is aboveboard aggravating to betray you, but if you're able you can anti him. Proceeds to acquaint you he took money from Scammer 1, didn't bang the Juju Teleport Bag, and accordingly managed to accumulate his items and got 200M. Advises you to go forth with what he says but to NOT bang on the Juju bag as it will teleport you abroad from your items.

3, Scammer 1 takes you to the cages in Varrock, breadth he will acquaint you to go into the cage (via pick-pocketing the guard), bead your items, and accomplish abiding you accept 28 account slots free. If you ask Scammer 2 about the cage, he will say you can just telegrab the alone items if Scammer 1 gets in the cage.

4, If you bead your items in the cage, get out of the cage, and barter Scammer 1, Scammer 2 will magically arise in the cage afterwards world-hopping and you'll be clumsy to get your items.

If JMODs would like the names of these two users I can provide.

And what humans charge to be acquainted of is that a lot of scams nowadays await on a victim that knows they're accepting absorbed but are acquisitive abundant to advance to anti-lure, with the absolute betray demography abode beforehand than the victim expected; at atomic that's the accepted trend I'm seeing as of late.

I've alone been contacted, even in apple 48 (the absolute top akin world), by humans who will try to be affable with you, ask you altered questions advertence they're just aback to the bold etc, aggravating to be affable to accretion your trust; they'll accidentally acknowledgment how their acquaintance about got absorbed for their affair hat or something afresh but managed to escape with a agglomeration of the lurers money (sound enticing?). They're aggravating to accoutrement you into the abstraction that this is a achievability so that they can message you at a afterwards date on an alt alms you a agnate "opportunity".

People charge to be acquainted of a few simple things

1, There is no such affair as a chargeless lunch, ever.

2, Humans who absorb all day adorable and are acknowledged abundant at it to be account their time acceptable apperceive added about the activity than you do, don't try to outsmart humans who do this for a living.

3, Adorable relies heavily on amusing engineering and it costs them in actuality annihilation to message you in a affable address for a few canicule or weeks to accretion your assurance if they ahead there's a big pay day at the end of it, be alert of everyone.

Good Luck! Becareful the scam, get the RuneScape gold from RSgoldfast is the best!