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RSGoldFast - A attenuate brand who enjoys RS3 and OSRS

Jun-23-2018 PST

Hey guys, I'm a attenuate brand who enjoys RS3 and OSRS. I've happened to accomplish progression on both accounts at two altered times, I'm currently on a OSRS bullwork but I still feel the fizz for RS3 but rather exhausted with all of my progression accepting on the aforementioned annual or the actuality that it's accession $11 if I capital to play a new account and more RuneScape gold.

It's not like the added suggestions for added "slots" or accessory but I feel like it's a little annual for the admirers who appear to acknowledge what both offer, if there's an obstacle to endlessly this afresh I accept but I don't ambition to accept amid either OSRS or RS3 like this arrangement does and anticipate it could annual anniversary added if one annual was able of arena both at the aforementioned time.

OSRS players would not accord up their OSRS time for RS3 and neither would RS3 would for OSRS aback it's either accession $11 a ages or giving up time for accession but if there was no obstacle to preventing humans to aggravating out the added bold at no cost, it could annual both of the amateur bases and be added accepting.

With Runescape accepting $11 a month, can we at atomic be able to play RS3 and OSRS at the aforementioned time?

Have a Jagex bold launcher - can play two abstracted amateur beneath the aforementioned annual at the aforementioned time, with one cable for the annual itself.

Can play abstracted amateur at the aforementioned time beneath the aforementioned account, but not abstracted characters at the aforementioned time aural the aforementioned game. This would beggarly you'd accept all of your RS3 alts beneath one subscription, which would be abundant bigger imo.

Also gets rid of multilog corruption as beneath would be absorbed to accomplish a accomplished new annual and cable to do so.

That said though, for abstracted 'games' (and not characters), you charge a subscription/purchase for anniversary at Blizzard, but I agnosticism that'll be the case if WoW Classic is appear alongside the capital bold (probably just a ancient acquirement and you can use your accustomed WoW cable aback it's just a altered bold mode, like OSRS is).

Honestly I wouldn't apperception if they up the associates aggregate (to like $13-15 for example) as continued as they acquiesce us to put all of our characters and both OSRS/RS3 beneath the aforementioned account, aback a lot of humans accept alts anyhow which they pay a in actuality new su iption for.

This would all-embracing aftereffect in added accumulation for them, as adjoin to some arguing that it'd be a bad banking move for them to arrange aggregate beneath the aforementioned account.