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RSGoldFast - A annual of my aboriginal Raxx attempt

May-25-2018 PST

So I logged in today and arrested the Raxx agenda -- paths 2 + 3 are open, assumption it's time to get over my crippling arachnophobia and advance the big spooder admitting accepting next to no PvM acquaintance (I've asleep QBD a few times, and am not decidedly acceptable at it).

Gear up, grab my pheromone, bulk up a advantageous about of breath allowance in the anatomy of sara brews, restore bois, the lot. Attending at my aphotic bow and contemplate accompany it for the defence abilities, or not accomplishing so for an added agitation rocktail as I'll allegedly fuck up the defence abilities anyway.

End up bringing it, ran over to the spooder cave, and jumped down afterwards hesitation, the USMC adage alpha in my arch from watching Abounding Metal Jacket afresh the added day -- Semper Fi, Do or Die, Gung-Ho, Gung-Ho, Gung-Ho! ...Ok, there was a little hesitation. I hopped worlds as anyone abroad came along, allegedly subconsciously acquisitive every apple would be abounding so I could just appear aback addition day.

Phase 1 went able-bodied enough, I (mostly) managed to accumulate abandon and apprehension up enough, alone occasionally arrest if rax pulled me, but no complete worries. The web burnt down, Path 3 was open. I anticipation about blockage about in appearance 1 for a bit best because just alive abroad would be a bit rude, but ultimately absitively that Raxx allegedly wouldn't mind.

As it happened he acquainted adequate abundant afterward me into the aphotic aisle admitting accepting just met a few annual ago, actually added accessible than I. I was appealing animated I absitively to yield my Aphotic Bow at this date as it turns out the added defence benefit and Resonance are appealing handy. Afterwards a while of alive aback and forth, activity like I'm from the Matrix as I'm flipping out the way of Raxx's acrimony administration issues, we advance on to appearance 3.

If I recalled correctly, I didn't accept to affliction too abundant about this phase. Just watch out for the OTK spooders, all-encompassing Raxx mechanics, and alive the acerbic spooders into the bigger spooder -- simple enough. Well, I accept to accept been aria to in the abrupt blast advance adviser I watched about 10 annual above-mentioned to this, as Appearance 3 took AGES.

Seriously, I burnt next to all my aliment on Appearance 3, abrogation just a brace of brews and like 3 bedrock cape to advance Raxxor's calumniating wife. For some acumen I just couldn't cesspool this guy's bloom fast enough, my DPS had angry to debris -- were my overloads down? Did I overlook to restore afterwards brewing? The acknowledgment is yes, actually a lot, but it was something else.

Then it dawned on me. The abrupt realisation afterwards I looked at my able items and anticipation "that's a awe-inspiring searching Nox bow". Yes, it turns out I never switched aback to my Nox bow afterwards switching for Appearance 2. I realised afterwards agonisingly boring chipping abroad at Raxx until he was 20k health.

I let out a affable chuckle, swapped aback to my Nox bow, and broiled through the actual allocation of his bloom with about ease. "What a fool!" I proclaimed, "a amateur absurdity for a amateur player", afore absence alternating blithely to Appearance 4.

AAAHHHHHHHHHH. EVERYTHING IS GOING WRONG. Fuck, I fucked up my adoration switching. Why can't I move? Right, spam click. I'm on 3k health?! Quick, agitation eat! Wait, how abounding attacks was that? Do I charge to Anticipate? Shit, I got pulled. What do I do? Run? Ow! Agitation eat! Adoration switch! Freedom! That spotlight is beneath her?! Fuck it, I'm not traveling anywhere abreast that 8-legged malformation.

Wait, we're at <50k bloom somehow, calm down. Ok agitation eat afresh calm down. We're good, just chill. Shoot her in the face a bit, we're good, accumulate cutting her in the face. What just hit me? Oh right, the animated boi. Run abroad a little, eat up...

I accept no food. I accept no bloom or food! Wait, there's 1 beverage larboard in my Yak -- let me grab it- dead. I'm dead. And back! Thanks defence cape, choke the brew! I still accept next to no health, I'm gonna die! She's at <5k health, she's gonna die! No wait, I'm gonna die! No, she's on- nothing! Nothing? She's asleep right? She died! AAAAAAAAH.

Looted the corpse, got a few onyxes, a fang, spider leg piece, the 1 kc pet, an HSR, etc. Or, you know, 600k. Aces which one you believe. The point is I'm appealing stoked with the annihilate on the aboriginal attempt, but aswell actual ashamed at the Aphotic Bow fiasco.

So abundant so that I advised ambuscade it from anybody and befitting it as my abysmal aphotic secret. As can be expected, I instead autonomous to acquaint everyone. Not abiding what to do now. Not abiding why I'm still writing, or added chiefly why you're still reading. Cheers.

TL;DR I blot and am impaired but allegedly that's not abundant to die (properly) at Raxx.

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