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​Returning amateur mini rant

Nov-19-2018 PST

Hey I started up my Runescape anniversary again. This bold is way bigger than I had bethink it! The cartoon are absolutely nice (I adulation the way abysmal demons look), and assertive updates like stackable clue scrolls accomplish the bold that abundant added fun.

One affair I am accepting a botheration wrapping my arch around, however, is all the abuse time-managed content. I don't accept what the argumentation abaft it is. The endure time I logged out I was aggravating to get the adventure cape, and logging in now one year afterwards I anon acquainted a bit queesy canonizing the menaphos acceptability bullwork that's still advanced of me.

My ambition of accepting the requirements for the adventure cape has now artificially been "delayed" because a few hours of agreeable are accepting continued out over a week. I'm aflame to play the bold and put all of my activity arise the abandoned ambition I accept appropriate NOW; I'd play for hours! But instead the bold seems to try to put a lid on my action afterwards 15 annual of playing. It charcoal the immersion, kills my action amd I don't feel like I'm in ascendancy of my beforehand in this game.

This blazon of bold architecture seems to be acutely accustomed in RS3 (divination, dungeoneering, menaphos reputation, BIS PvM auras ...). What's the reason, exactly? It seems to be agnate to those adaptable "strategy" amateur area you accept to adjournment hours for your architecture to complete afore you can beforehand any further. The acumen abaft the cat-and-mouse in these amateur is of beforehand to action you to pay to skip the cat-and-mouse process, but, as far as I know, that's not the case in Runescape is it?

I'm added analytical than mad, really. What the hell is Jagex aggravating to accomplish by managing their players' time schedule? Why would it be a acceptable idea?

It's their way of authoritative players wish to log in every day. You're declared to feel bad for missing out on your circadian opportunities so you'd bigger use them up. Humans say that you can just avoid these things, but if you get bent up in the adeptness mindset at all (you apparently will) you'll feel bad for appliance bottom methods, or bossing with a actual shitty aura.

Anyhow, the bold can still be fun. Try to acquisition a ambition that isn't afflicted by this problem, and you'll be just fine.

It's accurate though, sinkholes warbands and caches are a daydream it fabricated me wish to stop arena the game. The exp is too acceptable for me to bother training either skills. Abnormally warbands and sinkholes,though I accept cut sinkholes from my activity due to accepting annoyed as hell from accomplishing them even admitting it was already per day. Aswell circadian challenges sucks abundant acquaintance but armament the amateur to do a assignment even if they don't wish to do it.

Only acceptable annual is that jagex said they were acid down dailys and they are defective caches. About I anticipate they absolutely just charge to addict the exp ante for divination because that accomplishment is one of the affliction abilities to alternation afore anteroom of memories.