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​Rephrasing my catechism about Quests

Dec-21-2018 PST

Turns out questing is fun with Lil Dog video guides. Hearty acknowledgment for all those who commented & contributed their knowledge.

I had a bad acquaintance with imp catcher- it is a amateur adventure but requires some accomplished motor abilities that I don't have...

So - new Catechism is - which quests crave some notable abilities like imp catcher and cannot be completed afterwards them?

I don't ambition to get my hopes too top on Prifinddas and than apprehend I don't accept what it takes (being an old woman and such lol).

I'm bold that the allotment of imp catcher you actuate catchy was antagonism annular the air altar, accepting to bang central anniversary of the checkpoints?

If that's the case, a reasonable bulk of the afterwards quests do accept either puzzles or action that absorb responding to a alert aural a assertive time.

To use your archetype of Prifddinas, there are a few quests that adeptness could could could cause you some issues, I'll account them below:

1, Sheep Herder - Involves continuing on the adverse ancillary of the sheep to area you ambition it to go and prodding it in that direction. I will not lie, I actuate this one infuriating in my backward adolescence and appropriately with no added difficulty; the sheep are annoying and move by themselves at the affliction times.

2, Big Chompy Bird Hunting - You accept to bang on a bird that spawns for alone a bound time. The timer on this one is in fact generous, so it should be fine.

3, Regicide - One point involves befitting a barometer counterbalanced by beat on altered elements if it gets too top or low.

4, Mourning's End Allotment I - Involves the exact aforementioned action as regicide.

5, Mourning's End Allotment II - This adventure is one big puzzle. None of it is accurately time sensitive, but you do yield baby amounts of accident through the accomplished thing. You adeptness accept to leave and re-bank for aliment if you yield a decidedly continued time to get through it.

6, Aural The Light - You accept to run through a bit of a bewilderment to blow a colonnade and afresh get aback aural a time absolute to admission the puzzles at all. If you die at any point, this needs to be afresh afore you can abide the quest.

7, Plagues' End - The final action to admission Prifddinas is fabricated easier if you move constantly. Not absurd otherwise, just easier.

Hopefully that's been helpful! If you accept any questions about specific quests, feel chargeless to DM me about them actuality on reddit, or bulletin me in-game if I'm online (RSN: Cilfaen). I've completed every adventure at atomic twice, so hopefully I'll be able to help.