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​Regular Atone Rework Suggestion - Reaper Rework

Jan-05-2019 PST

The Intro to 2019 video from Jagex mentioned there will be a rework of Completionist and added Endgame capes. In commendations to approved Completionist, a accepted roadblock lots of humans and myself acquaintance is earning the Reaper title. Some administration crave you to acquire keys to admission them, others crave a aggregation of accomplished individuals, or they basically crave you to pay 120m rs gold to get a Solak kill. There in fact is no way to accumulate the bossing association blessed with difficult administration to apprentice while aswell not ambience up huge roadblocks for those of us who ambition Completionist artlessly for the recognition. There are humans too who ambition BiS cape for bossing but don't ambition to bother with accepting all the added Completionist requirements done, and there are humans who already did the bullwork to acquire it but don't ambition their efforts wasted.

My claimed assessment is to abolish Reaper altogether, or acquiesce DTD to calculation abandoned for 1kc appear the title. However, Mods accept already said no to acceptance DTD to count, so I'm accommodating to try and acquisition a accommodation that works for the majority of people, both cape owners and cape coveters alike. Actuality is my idea, hardly adapted from accession idea:

- Abolish Reaper from Completionist requirements completely.

- Actualize the afterward 3 capes for anniversary of their corresponding titles (see below). Even with all the pets and bang-up titles, Final Bang-up and Insane Final Bang-up deserve added acceptance abreast from a game-wide advertisement and a title.

- Nerf approved Comp's stats down to Maxed cape's stats. It will no best be BiS by itself.

- Abolish the aftereffect of Ava's accent from Comp, but not from Trimmed Comp. Add this aftereffect to all Reaper capes.

- Reaper cape by itself should NOT be BiS, but Final Bang-up and Insane Final Bang-up should accept aforementioned stats and should be BiS. Trimmed Atone will accept aforementioned stats as Final Boss/Insane Final Boss, and accordingly will aswell be BiS. Reaper cape will accept 2 advantage slots while Final Bang-up and Insane Final Bang-up will accept 3 advantage slots.

- All of these new capes will accept a teleport to Death's Office the aforementioned way the Maxed cape has a Max Brotherhood teleport.

- The Reaper capes can all be added to the Atone capes (either approved or Trimmed). If you add any of these new capes to approved Comp, afresh approved Atone will become BiS, agnate in stats to Trimmed, Final Boss, or Insane Final Boss. You cannot add the new capes to the Atone cape if they accept allowances already. You can accept multiples of these new capes but they will allotment the aforementioned allowances as their duplicates. In added words, they allotment the aforementioned advantage inventory, so to speak, like the ore box from the accessible Mine/Smith rework.

- Atone and Trimmed Atone accumulate 3 advantage slots each. If you ambition BiS cape, and 3 perks, afresh this armament anybody to either get Reaper AND Atone to afresh amalgamate them, or Final Boss/Insane Final Boss, or Trimmed Comp.

- If you add a Reaper cape to a Atone cape (either one), the Atone cape assets the teleport to Death's Office and the adeptness of Ava's device.

- To accept Ava's accent on your BiS cape, you can get a Final Boss/Insane Final Bang-up title, or you can get Reaper AND Atone and amalgamate them, or you can just get Trimmed Comp.

- Final Bang-up and Insane Final Bang-up capes should accept atom furnishings btw. I do not yield any acclaim for this aesthetic architecture whatsoever, nor do I yield abounding acclaim for the abstraction of amid Reaper titles from Comp. Shoutout to /u/zenyl for alarming my idea, and Jackscape for the aesthetic architecture of these admirable and amazing capes.

This abstraction gives humans versatility in accepting a BiS cape with 3 allowances and Ava's device's effect. It gives added acceptance to the struggles in accepting Final Bang-up and Insane Final Boss. It does not abuse those who already accept Reaper and Comp. It rewards those who already accept Final Bang-up and Insane Final Boss. It provides allurement for bossers and PvMers to focus on what they adulation and doesn't force them to do all of Completionist just to get a BiS cape. Those who just ambition the acceptance of Completionist afterwards Reaper no best allegation to bang-up alot for Atone (this is what I will do if the abstraction comes to fruition). If they anytime change their minds though, they just allegation to acquire Reaper as able-bodied to accession their Atone cape up to BiS.

Those with Trimmed are not afflicted in any way either. If you ambition a BiS cape afterwards accepting a Reaper cape, you can go for Trimmed Comp. If you already accept Trimmed Comp, you get the advantage of abacus a Death's Office teleport to your cape by abacus a Reaper cape, which you should already be able to own anyways.

If you've apprehend all of this and accept my crazy idea, amuse allotment your assessment with me down below! To accord some claimed perspective: I currently accept 3 things larboard for approved Completionist (Music, Reaper, and 120 Dung/Slayer). I abandoned accept 5 administration absolute to alleviate Reaper (Legiones, Telos, Solak, RotS, and Yaka) but I do not in any way adore bossing. My accepted affairs are to get Comp, afresh MQC, and afresh a few 120s for fun and afresh retire by accepting cool affluent via Mining/Smithing (my admired skills).

Thanks and amuse animadversion below! I'd adulation to apprehend from everyone!