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Regarding Atone rework

Dec-30-2018 PST

Defiantly gonna get a lot of abhorrence for this but oh able-bodied actuality is somewhat how i feel.

I anticipate a lot of chiefly it comes down to Jagex analogue of "Completionist" and how they ambition to appearance their account of accomplishment in game. I'm currently comp'd with no ambition of trim, but the way I see the two capes is like this. Atone cape = Complete all aloft aspects of the game, Trim Atone = account and accessory benefits.

There are a few requirements on anniversary cape that i accept could be afflicted amid the two or removed all together. aloft aspects IMO cover a lot of perm-unlocks, music tracks, belief accompanying things, mini-quest, column adventure rewards.

Extra/niche rewards accepting accepting like chompy kills(sure there's hats but its cosmetic), abstruse armor, annihilation that doesn't in actuality accord a perk/benefit or isn't some way a allotment of day to day gameplay.

Castle wars armor as far as i apperceive its just a little chat and doesn't do annihilation else. With the mini-game accomplishment tab accepting a affair now i accept this should accomplish its way there an off trim requirements due to it not in actuality confined a purpose.

Reaper is actual arguable because pvm is such a big allotment of Rs3 but abreast from the appellation this claim doesn't in actuality appearance annihilation added than "completing everything". The title/requirement IMO should be a trim claim because its just a little added affair that doesn't accomplish an appulse in day to day gameplay.

I'm appealing 50/50 on this requirement, i do anticipate its important to go out an acquaintance all the administration at atomic already but aswell not anybody is able of killing all bosses. Either abstruse issues (poor fps, ping, internet w/e) or a concrete activity preventing artisan abundant pvm. Yes Jagex can't baby to those clumsy to do something but the cape should still be attainable to anybody aural a sense.

151 apache souls could be a atone claim instead of trim because it gives admission to belief and helmet upgrades and 120 slayer/dung is already a claim so this just tags alternating with those. None of the creatures are actual harder and its a adequately simple task, just requires some rng.

Yes there's requirements that serve no purpose to day to day gameplay such as cartilage to peaches, i don't apperceive anyone who in actuality uses it and yes its a perm alleviate but a replacing accomplishment could be "play one annular of anniversary bold in mage arena" to still get players to do it. Aswell scoring 1,111 in big button mini-game is a actual odd requirement, not abiding if the amount agency annihilation or if it just shows you are able to account top but its appealing random.

I anticipate it in actuality just comes down to what is added axiological to commutual the bold and what is not. Accepting accidental achievements as a claim doesn't admonition the "you should complete the bold to access the cape" altercation because in that faculty just get max RuneScore for the cape then.