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​Refining Quest Requirements: Suggested changes

Oct-26-2018 PST

Sliske's Endgame requires a lot of quests - added than any in the game. However, if you attending down the continued alternation of requirements, you will eventually acquisition that abounding quests - about earlier ones - don't in fact crave aggregate that they say they do. I've gone through the account and accept aggregate some appropriate changes.

As far as I can recall, few of these quests are in fact abased on annihilation in their requirements, admitting in some cases they were in the past. I don't apperceive how abundant of an appulse this will accept overall, but it should in fact accomplish Sliske's Endgame easier to admission overall. Let me apperceive if I absent annihilation or if you anticipate something that is actuality should not be changed.

The afterward quests are all appropriate for Sliske's Endgame, and could accept requirements reduced:

CURSE OF ARRAV: About-face Shades of Mort'ton into a recommended requirement. Abandoned appropriate for angelic oil, which can be bought.

DESERT TREASURE: Abolish Tourist Trap, Priest in Peril, Waterfall quest.

HEROES QUEST: Abolish all requirements except Dragon Slayer and Shield of Arrav. Add a Adventure Point requirement.

HORROR FROM THE DEEP: Abolish "hidden" bar clamber claim by authoritative the barbaric alpha attainable afterwards it. The miniquest can abide and accord action exp as a ancient reward.

LAND OF THE GOBLINS: abolish fishing claiming requirement.

LEGEND'S QUEST: Abolish all claim except Heroes quest. Add a Adventure Point requirement.

LUNAR DIPLOMACY: Abolish all requirements except Fremmenik trials.

ONE OF A KIND: abolish king's bribe requirement. It is just there for the rock spell, which is explained in the adventure anyway.

RITUAL OF THE MAHJARRAT: Abolish the afterward requirements: Rocking Out. Also, potentially Fairy Tale III - admitting it may be there for a reason?

RUM DEAL: Abolish Priest in Peril and Zogre Beef Eaters.

THE LIGHT WITHIN: Abolish temple at Senntisten requirement. If you in fact still wish fifth age quests appropriate for this, add a Temple at Senntisten claim to Fate of the Gods, area it should accept been in the aboriginal place.

THRONE OF MISCELLANIA: Arguable, but alter Heroes' Adventure claim with a QP requirement.

WHILE GUTHIX SLEEPS: The aloft offender. Abolish the afterward requirements: Zogre beef eaters, wolf whistle, swan song, summer's end, King's ransom, Hand in the sand. Lower QP claim somewhat.

Also, while we are at it.

THE WORLD WAKES: Abolish Branches of Darkmeyer from recommended requirements; add River of Blood, 'Phite Club to recommended requirements.

Thank you for reading.