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​Recipe for Disaster


​Recipe for Disaster


Recipe for Disaster is quite popular amongst the players of OSRS because of its rewards, and that’s the reason why we’ve introduced this quick guide to help you through. So, let’s begin!

Another Cook’s Quest

You can begin the recipe for disaster osrs quest by speaking to the cook in Lumbridge Castle. He’ll want you to get the following ingredients for him – Eye of Newt, Glass of Greenman’s Ale, Rotten Tomato, and Dirty Blast.

If you already have the ingredients, speak to the cook again and the quest will be completed. Next, you need to head over to the dining room to trigger a cutscene.

It’s worth noting that Recipe for Disaster consists of 10 sub-quests, where you have to free council members from the Culinaromancer. During the quest, you’ll notice that the council members have been frozen by the gypsy so that they can be saved from Culinaromancer’s attacks. You need to save them by getting the ingredients of their favorite food.

Freeing The Mountain Dwarf

Requirement – Ice gloves (or you kill a level 13 icefiend). Bucket of milk, a pot of flour, and an egg which can be bought from the culinaromancer’s chest. Bowl of water (bowl and sink in lumbridge kitchen). 4 asgarnian ales (bought during the quest). 1000 coins. 2 Burthorpe Teleports, 1 Falador Teleport, and 1 Lumbridge Teleport.

Freeing the Goblin Generals

Requirements – Bread, Orange, A knife, blue, green, or purple dye, spice, fishing bait, a bucket of water, charcoal, teleport to goblin village, and 1 lumbridge teleport.

Freeing Pirate Pete

Requirements – 31 cooking, 42 Crafting (if ironman), 4 smithing, raw cod, pestle and mortar, bread, knife, fishbowl, needle, 3 bronze wires, 1 teleport to goblin village, and 1 lumbridge teleport.

Freeing the Lumbridge Guide

Requirements – Big chompy bird hunting, Biohazard, Demon slayer, Murder mystery, Nature’s spirit, Witch’s House, 40 Cooking, Cake tin, Bucket of milk, Pot of flour, Egg, 1 teleport to wizard’s tower (necklace of passage), and 1 lumbridge teleport.

Freeing Evil Dave

Requirements – Gertrude's Cat, Shadow of the Storm, 25 Cooking, 9 Stews, 1 Pet Cat, 1 Edgeville Teleport, and 1 Lumbridge Teleport.

Freeing King Awowogei

Requirements – Monkey Madness, 48 Agility, 70 Cooking, Pestle & Mortar, Knife, Rope, 5 Coins, M’Speak Amulet, GreeGree (Ninja, Zombie, and Gorilla), 2 Ape Toll Teleport, Fairy Ring Access.

Freeing Sir Amik Varze

Requirements – Started Legends Quest, Family Crest, Heroes’ Quest, Shilo Village, Underground Pass, Waterfall Quest, Defeat level 227 Black Dragon, a bucket of milk, a pot of cream, a pot of cornflour, axe, machete, dramen/lunar staff, dramen branch, pestle and mortar, ice gloves, raw chicken, anti-dragon shield, antifire potion, 1 teleport to shilo village, 2 teleports to draynor village (glory), and teleport to lumbridge.

Freeing Skrach Uglogwee

Requirements – Big Chompy Bird Hunting, 20 Fire Making, 41 Cooking, Axe & Pickaxe, Iron Spit, Ball of Wool, Tinderbox, Logs, Raw Chompy, Ogre Bellows, Bow, and Arrows, 1 Rantz Teleport Scroll/Fairy Ring Access (A*K*S), Tai Bwo Wannai (Fairy Ring: C*K*R), and 1 Lumbridge Teleport.

Final Fight: The Culinaomancer

Requirements – 175 Quest Points, Desert Treasure, Horror from the Deep, Ability to defeat enemy mobs without prayer, Magic Spells: Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire, Ice Gloves, Melee & Range equipment, and Food.

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