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​Really wish to get aback into Runescape

Nov-14-2018 PST

Been playing, but in fact wish to get aback into the game. I apperceive this is a bit of an odd post. I got aback into Runescape on a alpha annual aback in 2013. In 2017 I was afterwards internet for about a year, on top of a laptop shorting out completely, and aback afresh i haven't been as into the game.

I've fabricated endless alts, and acquire a somewhat adapted account, but even over the endure year of accepting internet admission again, it just hasn't acquainted the same. I anticipate the way i went about arena the bold and the abilities i rushed are what did it. Currently I'm 3.5b xp, and was comped afore POF, which leaves a lot to be done.

Really all I do now is get on to do dailies and the bold has in fact amorphous to feel like a assignment but in a altered blazon of way than just monotony, do acreage runs and warbands on my alt as I'm not too far off maxing it, and I've afresh approved accepting into 07 which hasn't in fact been my thing.

My capital affair aloft all else, is activity like "I've ashen so abundant time already, why bother accepting on to do displace yews, or accumulation or blank? I would've been 5.4/trim by now if it weren't for not accepting able to play!". That would apparently be the best way to anxiety it.

The botheration for me abandoned is, I was an idiot and afterwards 200m apache in 2016, I rushed all combats to 200m for some brainless reason, as able-bodied as a lot of the easier abilities to the point breadth the abandoned abilities I in fact acquire left, are absolute slow/dailies or are absolute big-ticket which leads me to my next problem.

I don't acquire a reliable internet connection. Amid the internet axis off at in fact accidental times, and the bulk of ping i acquire for an east bank player, arena on an east bank server, it makes it in fact harder to get into the abandoned absolute antecedent of money in the game, which would be top akin bossing.

This is in fact discouraging, and this isn't a column bitching about how pvm is the abandoned applicable money maker. I just acquire been consistently exhausted by DCs while candidly aggravating to apprentice things like solak or rax, years ago. Not to acknowledgment dying to a dc in a aggregation bang-up and abrogation added humans out to dry.

The botheration is, I in fact don't apperceive what to do. I apperceive humans annihilate things at 200m's but it just makes things like lower akin bang-up titles, recomping/trimming because of the apache for the upgrades appear in the endure year, a bit of a drag.

Something about accomplishing pvm for aught xp is discouraging, personally. Also, I'm not adjoin bossing for no xp, because something is acquired from it in the anatomy of gp. But accomplishing 10k say, Zilyana kills for about no money and no xp, is candidly boring, for me personally.

Again, this isn't a column bitching about the accompaniment of the bold or annihilation like that. I'm candidly searching for tips for my mentality, something to breach the bold activity like a chore, and how to candidly adore arena again. I adulation runescape, and I in fact don't see myself in fact quitting, nor do i wish to. I'm just aggravating to get out of a rut is all.

Thanks for demography the time to apprehend this, and any acumen into mentality or even things to do ingame would be appreciated.

- By SovieBro