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Ranged Skeletal Wyverns Guide


Ranged Skeletal Wyverns Guide

Skeletal Wyverns are one the best AFK money makers in OSRS. However, with the tough requirements and confusing methods, few players take on the challenge. If that’s you, don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll teach you how to efficiently kill Skeletal Wyverns. Specifically, we’ll be going through the optimal ranged method to kill Skeletal Wyverns while maximising profit.


To kill Skeletal Wyverns, you’ll need level 72 Slayer. Also, you’ll need to complete Elemental Workshop I to gain access to the elemental shield (if you’ve completed Elemental Workshop II, you can use the mind shield). Alternatively, you can use the dragon fire shield, ancient wyvern shield or dragon fire ward. We also recommend you have at least level 70 ranged, as well as at least level 44 prayer. It’s possible to kill Skeletal Wyverns with lower stats, however it will take much longer.

Gear Setup

We’ll now jump into the recommended gear setup. On the left, you’ll see the most recommended gear setup, which continues going to the right. Find what works for you!

Helmet: Armadyl Helmet > 3rd Age Range Coif > Robin Hood Hat > Blessed Coif > Karil’s Coif

Amulet: Necklace of Anguish > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory > Amulet of power

Cape: Ava’s Assembler/ Assembler Max Cape > Ava’s Accumulator > Ranging Cape > Ava’s device

Top: Armadyl Chestplate > Blessed Body > Black D’hide Body > Red D’hide Body

Bottom: Armadyl Chainskirt > Blessed Chaps > Black D’hide Chaps > Rangers’ Tights

Weapon: Dragon hunter crossbow > Armadyl Crossbow > Dragon Crossbow > Rune Crossbow

Off-hand: Twisted Buckler > Dragon fire Ward > Odium Ward > Book of Law > Unholy Book

Ammo: Diamond Dragon Bolts (e) > Amethyst Broad Bolts > Diamond Bolts (e) > Broad Bolts

Gloves: Barrows Gloves > Blessed Vambraces > Black D’hide Vambraces

Boots: Pegasian Boots > Ranger Boots > Blessed Boots > Boots of Brimstone

Ring: Archers Ring (i) > Archers Ring > Brimstone Ring

Getting There

The Skeletal Wyverns are found in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. South of Port Sarim and north of Mudskipper Point the entrance to this dungeon can be found. The easiest way to get here is to use the aiq code with a fairy ring and run north until you reach the dungeon entrance on top of the small hill. Or, use the Minigame Finder to teleport to the Rat Pits of Minigames Port Sarim, and go south to enter the dungeon entrance on top of the small hill. This needs the completion of the search for Quests Ratcatchers. This method is safe and does not take up any spaces for inventory or equipment while there is a cooldown of 20 minutes between uses. Otherwise, you can teleport to Rimmington's player-owned house using the Teleport to House Spell or a Rimmington teleport tab and walk southeast to reach the dungeon entrance on top of the small hill. Climb down the trapdoor from the top of the dungeon, first run north and then run east to reach an open area with ice warriors and ice giants. The Skeletal Wyverns entrance can be found on that room's southern wall.

Skeletal Wyvern Attack Styles

Skeletal Wyverns attack with both Melee, Ranged as well as their special ice breath. The Melee attack is only used when the player stands at distance to Melee and can deal up to 13 hit points of damage. The Ranged attack has a range of 6 tiles and can reach up to 13 damage. The ice-breath attack has a range of 5 tiles and can reach over 50 damage, but the following defences will significantly reduce this damage to a maximum damage of 10: elemental shield, mind shield, dragon fire shield, ancient wyvern shield, and dragon fire shield. The attack will also freeze the character of the player for a couple of seconds. The character isn't able to move or attack during this time. The ancient wyvern shield will give immunity against this freezing effect. Antifire potions have no effect on the breath attack of the wyvern, and the same goes with ice gloves.

General Tips

Firstly, skeletal wyverns are weak against dragon bane weapons since Skeletal Wyverns are considered draconic animals. Therefore, if any of these weapons are available, it is recommended to use a dragon hunter crossbow or dragon hunter lance.

Skeletal Wyverns can be safe spotted as they have a shorter range of attacks than players using a crossbow. To safe spot against the Skeletal Wyverns, make sure they lose their aggressiveness first. Aggressiveness is immediately lost after a player has been in the same area for 10 minutes. Attack a Skeletal Wyvern during this time frame and lure it behind an obstacle. While the Skeletal Wyvern is trapped behind the barrier, step out of its range of attacks to ensure it no longer can attack you. Now use ranged to begin attacking the Skeletal Wyvern.

There are a couple of clan chats with players travelling to different locations to deliver items to players there training. It is recommended to use these services when safe spotting there to trade in your loot for new potions or bolts. Dwarf multi cannon in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon is allowed, but only in the lower part of the cave; the upper Slayer-exclusive section is a no-canon region. Cannons will make killing Skeletal Wyverns quicker and the extra drop gains usually outweigh the cannonballs costs.

Killing the Wyverns

Within this guide, we believe you’ll be using any form of safe spotting to attack the Skeletal Wyverns. As the Skeletal Wyverns are still aggressive during the first phase, a shield must be wielded which protects the player from the icy breath attacks. However, when the player can safe spot the Skeletal Wyverns, it's advisable to switch your shield for a shield that offers bonuses. Just have the other shield in your inventory, so often the Skeletal Wyverns aren't drawn right behind the barriers, rendering you vulnerable, and they can use their icy breath attacks again.

That wraps up our Skeletal Wyverns guide, good luck! And Read more runescape guide on, buy cheap osrs gold & rs3 gold so easy.

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